A movie about the mind, apparently

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Submitted by Peter Cresswell on Wed, 2006-04-12 20:28

Let me introduce you to a film in which the contradictions are apparently all worth it.

A teen-flick that celebrates intelligence.
A film in which Kim Basinger wins out by the use of her mind.
A thriller in which cellphones and technology star, and in which the mind comes out victorious over muscle.

Thrilling stuff, huh? Sounds like it to me too, and I know nothing more about it than what I've read here, and that it's called Cellular.

LINK: The digital divide: It's not the money stupid - Owen McShane, NBR

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Life is 'cellular' nowadays...dude

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~~ No argument. GOOD (ie: 'worthwhile-the-time'-to-see) movie.

~~ Besides: Kim Bassinger's in it. The rest is near-trivia. (Ok; I'm biased.) --- But, females'll like it too.

~~ I see the worth of it re the 'dude' who reluctantly accepts a super-BIG 'responsibility' which his prelude scenes with his girlfriend hint strongly that he's really not the kind of guy (think 'over-grown-KID') up to dealing with the situation Kim 'drags' him into. It's HIS dealing with 'choices' that I found most fascinating, and secondarily (though not trivially) HER trying to deal with his reluctance at -a) believing her story-by-phone and -b) his various decisions about handling an apparent (and potentially mere-prankish) 'by-phone' crisis. The unintended-interference by another involved in a 'cross-line' talk is a cute addition to the plot.

~~ 2 thumbs up...plus 2 toes.


P.S: I gotta admit though, I really don't see what HAL, ROBBY, GORT, or COLOSSUS really has to do with the story or plot. Ok, 'cellular'-tech is fashionably 'in;' but, we ain't really talking Danielle Steel here.

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