Muslims get tits in a tangle

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Submitted by Peter Cresswell on Wed, 2006-04-12 20:30

A new Muslim-sensitive edition of Playboy has appeared in the world's most populous Muslim nation that should please all the local and international idiots who favour wowserish puritanism for Muslim women -- the just-launched Indonesian edition lifts the burqah on "midriffs, thighs and cleavage," but contains no nudity. None at all. I swear I am not making this up.

As a poster at Noodle Food says, if you're a Muslim, you really do read Playboy for the articles. You have no choice -- unless perhaps, if you're a militant Muslim, you reach for your sword: in a reaction promising to be as intemperate as the one against the Danish cartoonists (now in hiding in fear for their lives), a few are promising to do just that:

"If within a week they are still active and sell the magazine, we will take physical action," said Muhammad Alawi Usman, a spokesman for [Islamic Defenders Front, a hardline faction known for offering violent solutions to moral problems]. "Playboy is not suitable for reading because its contents degrade women."

Don't you just love that characteristically tolerant, caring and reasonable approach to disagreement. Fortunately there were some genuinely reasonable outrage aired on a local radio station:

"It’s sinful to read Playboy if there’s no nudity!" said one caller. "It’s a scandal! There’s no nude women in the magazine. I think we have been deceived," said another.

If they want the real thing, it's not like there isn't plenty of it about in Jakarta. "More explicit photos appear daily in local tabloids," says AsianSirens.Com, so maybe the non-nudity is more about appeasement than anything else.

UPDATE: Turns out that the forces of barbarism have already acted, attacking the Playboy offices in Jakarta.

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Who ripped the pics out, dammit?

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~~ When you have 'Muslims' publicly complaining about the LACK of female-nudity...anywhere (nm PLAYBOY)...that's culturally-'invading' progress.

~~ Now if only the Pentagon dropped a s**tload of all their old collected PB's ('archived' in their underground bunkers)...and maybe their old National-Geographics as well (hell, throw in Playgirl too; who knows?)...instead of bombs, we might change the orientation of the mid-East hotspots (and Indonesia) in a month! --- 'Smart' -Centerfolds! "That's so might just work!" (Oxymoronic though the label is).

~~ Kidding aside, I really do wonder what in the world is PB up to? A PB like a 'day without sunshine' (sorry, Anita, er, 'Florida'-Orange-Juice)



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A new edition of Playboy has appeared in the world's most populous Muslim nation and we're grizzling about it?~!
*I'm* not grizzling about it

Well me either! Events like this rival 9/11 for the shockwaves of devestation we've inflicted against our enemies in this war. Let's celebrate our victory and raise a toast to many more like it.

So turn that frown upside-down PC and Noodlefood! This is what victories look like and all I see is bitching.

*I'm* not grizzling about

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*I'm* not grizzling about it, Rick, but you do realise that one of the reasons the jihadists flew jets into New York skyscrapers was *because* they got upset at having the infidels push western goods (ie: lusty mags and revealing summer dresses) on them?

I completely agree that if goods don't cross borders then soldiers will, but what if the damn goods can't make it in in the first place? Where the hell would we be if the Europeans hadn't colonised the world?

It's progress!

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Send in missiles and tanks and hate speech to kill Islam. Bomb their cities, overthrow their dictators for them and police a new political order in our name. Locals will make any sacrifice to reisist.

Or, wage economic warfare. Will the Muslims send their sons to die to replace an old refrigerator? Does offering them cheeper and better goods make them want to put a jihad on us or trade with us? We've got music and literature and films and technology they crave to own and explore and they'll trample dictatorships that try to stop them. Every day in this economic war our enemies become more and more like us. Good.

For Pete's sake! We've just got Muslims publishing Playboy and selling it to themselves! Officially!

This is the face of progress, it's what victory looks like. The foot is in the door.

A new edition of Playboy has appeared in the world's most populous Muslim nation and we're grizzling about it?~!

More Muslim outrage
Muslims get tits in a tangle

What's your major malfunction you so-called pro-capitalists if you can only paint this black, and raise not a cheer?

Sandi, I can see you're

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Sandi, I can see you're going to fit right in...

I bet Playboy is already having problems keeping it up!

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I would like to take the other tack on this one. Countries whose people are somewhat poorer and less educated would seem to be the ones that magazines like Playboy should be targeting.

Given the tremendous range of porn on the net - who would buy a magazine?

I bet Playboy is experiencing a flacid market and is looking further afield to discharge its load.

Billy Connolly's most vivid

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Billy Connolly's most vivid recollection of masturbation...

"There I was, Playboy open in front of me, stroking away like a man possessed, sweat on my brow, veins standing out on my temples... when the man in the shop said: I hope you're going to buy that magazine."

I was always a Penthouse fan myself. The classics from the late 70s-early 80s. Just the right balance of journalism, fun & filth Eye

I may not be the most

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I may not be the most experienced businessman... But in this case I am confident that Playboy will experience a huge drop in sales in Indonesia Smiling

- Jason

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