Give blood, but where does it go and what is the picture?

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I am stumped to coin a heading for this article and I do hope that someone may assist in giving it the title it may deserve.

To cut to the chase, I volunteered to donate blood because I consider this action to be a worthwhile cause to fellow countrymen. After all, the posters and marketing propaganda clearly show where and what hospitals around New Zealand, that one's blood is distributed. Indeed, my blood type is not so common and well worth "bottling" so to speak.

Because it had been a few years since I had last donated, I was required to sign a consent form and after reading the terms and conditions, I chose not to. Aside from the general request for screening for HIV and what other (lergies) that may potentially harm another individual; of which I have no problem with whatsoever.

That said, the last paragraph on the form, did concern me. And I quote from the form "Samples will be stored for future comparative tests and may need to be sent overseas for any special investigations"

I had a problem with this last paragraph and refused to sign it.

After some deliberation and consideration, I decided to make an effort to compromise, so I signed the document with the proviso that the final clause was to be excluded. End shot, was that the NZ Blood service did not want my blood unless I agreed to ALL terms and conditions. Namely, it’s all their terms and conditions but none of it mine, the donor. Needless to say, I have since retained my blood.

As a result, I decided to take a closer look at the global picture of giving blood.

In a nut shell, here is what I have found. Please bear in mind I have a basic idea of red blood cells and plasma but nothing more. From the information imparted to the donors, the red blood cells are distributed around NZ hospitals, but the last paragraph refers to the plasma, which is sent off shore. To be really honest, what I have looked at so far reminds me of the dairy industry where they extract the lovely proteins out of the milk, sell the scum to the peasants, indoctrinate to them that milk solids will kill them and then resell said milk solids/proteins to alternative markets. In essence, “double dipping”.

But hey, I am no medico, this is just an opinion. If you want to look more closely into the separation process, it's called Plasma Fractionation and there appears to be a contract with a company which boast that it is one of the largest collectors of human plasma in the world

Anyhow, taking a closer look at NZ blood, I can confirm that the corporation does indeed make sales. Whatever ratio to donated blood that is retained in NZ, I have no idea, but they do record “sales profits” in their reports. Oh and they have to harvest certain things from their stock :ie (X) amounts of stem cells and other products from blood (note: I have no problem with stem cell research – this is not the issue here)

And just as you know here is CSL’s interpretation of “Fractionation”

Fractionation involves separating substances (e.g. proteins in the case of
plasma) by changing the conditions such as temperature or acidity.

Just like homogenizing milk isn’t it?

The NZ Blood Service publishes the expenses of their CEO and after taking a look at them, I noted the expenses in association with the affiliation with the “Asia Pacific Blood Network”

This Asia Pacific Blood Network (yeah yeah part of ASEAN) enterprise encourages “regional HARMONISATION and co-operation with blood related matters”

Looking more closely at the Asia Pacific Blood Network (APBN) (,
One can see that New Zealand Blood Service is a member, the CEO travels to network meetings, but here comes the clincher.

If you go to this website and click on links, then look under “resources” you will find just the one resource. Namely a link to this news report which claims “The evidence is clear that HIV is 40 times more prevalent in the population of men who have sex with men in New Zealand, than in any other population."


Of course this has nothing to do with any justification to the over bearing muslim population in ASEAN, does it?

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I'm not sure...

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...I just know that fellow Students, when I studied in Austria, were always looking for ways to earn extra money.

If they donated blood, they got a cup of tea or coffee and their travel costs in return.

If they donated plasma, they earned proper money per litre donated.

Maybe in Austria these two different types of donation have to distinguished, whereas in NZ when you donate blood, as you say they are literally creaming off a profit from your plasma.

I don't see why blood would be less profitable than plasma unless there are Government restrictions on paying people for blood and organs that do not exist for plasma.

In the UK, such restrictions, definitely exist.

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