“Atlas Shrugged” Climbs Bestseller List . . . Again!

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“Atlas Shrugged” Climbs Bestseller List . . . Again!

April 19, 2011

WASHINGTON--“Atlas Shrugged,” Part 1 opened in theaters on Friday, and although critics are panning the film, while audiences have generally liked it, one thing is certain: more people are buying the book again.

One edition reached #4 on Amazon’s overall bestseller list with one of the other three American print editions also in the top 100. Sales have been strong for some time--in fact, one million copies have sold since the 2008 election.

“Atlas Shrugged” is currently sitting in the #17 spot on Amazon’s overall bestseller list. That is an impressive feat for a 54-year-old novel.

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Mall Booths and Other Outreach

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Now that we know the movie producers in question can competently execute the first of three parts, we have time to prepare for the next release a year from now. I am thinking of local groups organizing through Meetup and other venues and renting floor space in malls where the movie is shown. Literature and other materials to supplement the movie's ideas along with contact information for your favorite Web site such as this one could engage many new arrivals.

...but a lost opportunity for certain Objectivists

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It is a pitty that certain Objectivists doe not see the movie as a golden opportunity to LEAD! And with enthusiasm. Instead, they see it as a chance to pick nits.....Folly knows no bounds, it seems.

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