Got the Filth!!

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Mon, 2011-05-02 03:51

"The only good Muslim who takes it all seriously is a dead one."

Good one, USA!! KASS!!

Cameron reacts to bin Laden death

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Rah, rah, rah! Go Team America! :-)

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When it comes to jihadi leaders and Muslim tyrants everywhere on earth, I say:

Hit 'em again,
Hit 'em again,
Hit 'em again,
Hit 'em again,

Sticking out tongue

This is *our* 9/11

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... on the Islamic scum.

I'm drinking champagne...

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... in honour of the brave US SEALS who executed a perfect mission — and the Islamofascist poster boy. Semper fidelis, boys, or as you say, "It Pays to be a Winner".

Glorious scenes...

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Good news...

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I heard it on the radio this morning. However they said there was a photo released of his dead body - his face covered in blood.

I would like to see that, but can't find it.

Now there is a story that his body has been buried at sea. What's that all about?

"Earlier an administration official said of the corpse: "We are ensuring that it is handled in accordance with Islamic practice and tradition.

"This is something that we take very seriously. And so therefore this is being handled in an appropriate manner."

Burying bin Laden's body at sea would ensure that his final resting place does not become a shrine and a place of pilgrimage for his followers, ABC television reported earlier."

It would take Nobel Peace Prize winning Obama to turn this story into a negative.

As Linz, says, it now looks like Obama's defeat at the next election is inevitable. If not over this, then the economy.

Yup, this was a unilateral

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Yup, this was a unilateral action, and sounds like the Pakis weren't advised 'til it was over rover.

A good day!

And let's not forget ...

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... Bush's "wanted, dead or alive" exhortation, which vile Saddamites dismissed as "bellicose."

It was Bush against whom Peikoff, in organised Objectivism's lowest-ever moment, issued his vote-Dem-scum-across-the-board fatwa.

May all those who supported it or remained silent in the face of it now hang their heads in shame. That includes the treasonist Ron Paul blowback brigade.

Osama bin Laden, B.I.H.

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Hallelujah! Praise Allah!

Next up (I hope): Ayatollah Khamenei and King Abdullah. And really: every dictator on this earth. Evil

Yes Jody

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I too, am not the slightest bit impressed by this news either. There is most definitely more to this than meets the eye and didn't Obama suck it dry (for all that it is worth). The hero that he is most definitely not!

Don't stop now!

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Seeing the exquisite surgical precision and effectiveness of this operation shows us what can be done when America acts alone without a permission slip from the filth's fellow-travellers, and the Commander-in-Chief stops behaving like one of them.

Next but by no means last stop, Gaddafi and Ahmadinejad.

Don't forget

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the Pakis were loaned big money by Gaddafi to develop a nuke and he wanted the first one. They reneged on that deal. No honour among filth.

As I've seen the headlines,

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As I've seen the headlines, this was not some remote mountain region of Muslimistan, but rather a mansion near the capital. They do indeed have some explaining to do, but they won't, and the current President will not force the issue.

Seems ...

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... they got the filth in a secure compound, secure enough for the filth to feel safe with its family. The Pakis have some explaining to do. Nothing new in that.

They're ...

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... super-KASS!

So just how bad-ass do you

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So just how bad-ass do you think the guys who carried out this ground operation are? Beer

I'll raise my glass to that!

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I'll raise my glass to that! Hell, this almost makes me want to face east, bow down on my knees, and raise two middle fingers towards Mecca.

That will indeed learn me about FB. Smiling

Oh ...

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Faecesbook! That'll larn ya too!

Obama bin Biden will still wreck the economy and be out on their sorry asses, unless Airhead America has now indeed become preponderant over Traditional America as I often fear.

In any event, today we can rejoice at this glorious, discrete event and salute the heroes who did this long-overdue deed.


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Haven't been to OL in years. Way too much filth over there. Actually it was O'ists on FB.

Funny, that was the very first thought that I had; Obama-sama will get the credit and reap the rewards. That too disgusts me.

I take it ...

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... you're frequenting O-Lying, then, Jody? Well, that'll larn ya! Eye

Actually, there *is* a downside. Obama's popularity will go through the roof.

And now I'm hearing

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And now I'm hearing Objectivists, who would obviously rather die on their knees than live on their feet, complaining that it is no reason to celebrate and now he is only a martyr. I say, let's make some more martyrs. Fuck 'em all.

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