Peritorial 8: Smegmatic Pragmatics and Other Filth

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Sat, 2011-05-14 01:00

Good evening and welcome to Perigo! I'm Lindsay Perigo and I'm dangerous. Perigo is Portuguese for danger and I seek to be that to the enemies of reason, freedom and excellence who rule the world in some shape or form.

In a recent Peritorial I called President Obama a "socialist" and an "evil bastard." The terms are more or less synonymous in my lexicon, of course, but this was said before Obama took out Osama, which might have caused me to qualify that comment, marginally. As it happens I've written extensively about Obama in a series of articles called The Anti-American President on my website Generally I despise him. To the extent that he understands America's founding principles he is hostile to them. Far more than his predecessors, who are far from blameless, he has converted the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness to the right to a bailout. He has run up a deficit greater than that of all his predecessors combined. The American dream for him is to have the government mind your business and run your life, the very antithesis of the Constitution he routinely tramples on. He has apologised for America to Islamofilth all over the globe, and appeased that filth. But in ordering the operation against Osama, an act of uncharacteristic audacity for him, it might just be that he took the first step towards redemption, in the nick of time, both for his presidency, his country and the world.

Here at home, not long after appearing on this programme, Don Brash audaciously took out Rodney Hide. There are no parallels between the two events of course, either in content or importance, except to say that Don Brash now has the chance to redeem himself for the most disastrous error of his time as National leader: capitulating to the smegmatic slime that pervades National, and losing the momentum of conviction politics he generated with Orewa 1. The party is supposed to stand for individual liberty and limited government, the original American ideals. In actual fact it stands for nothing, other than the naked pursuit of power for its own sake. A worrying sign is Don's closeness to John Banks, an anti-libertarian reactionary who in true National Socialist tradition also pursues power for its own sake. A classical liberal he is not; what he is is a classic homophobe.

How worried should we be? I'll put that question and many others to Don Brash when he returns for Round Two, next.

Magnificent Maggie!

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Thanks for posting that Marcus and of course she was completely right; look at the mess that is now the EU.

Someone just posted this on facebook...

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Those were the days Smiling


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I love the show. It's been great to have the interviewing maestro back on tele. I don't know how but some of my friends tuned in to see the Atlas Shrugged special without my prompting. I was surprised and pleased. They're asking questions although repeating the usual Rand misunderstandings. But it's a start for them.


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...I was quite surprised the other day when Jeremy Paxman called muslims "Islamofascists" on BBC's flagship current affairs programme, newsnight.

Speaking of audacity....

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The Atlas Special has been broadcast 3 times in two weeks here on NZ airwaves!

Oddly enough, the channel is privately owned by very left leaning men, but they are:

1) broadminded enough to want all sorts of different views represented on their channel, in fact they pride themselves on it.
2) They are businessmen and we pay them for air time.
3) Whilst they don't agree with him, they respect Lindsay and see the feedback our show generates via emails and other mentions in our media. It's the way TV should work. No state bullshit involved at all.... so far.

What I love is when Linz calls Islamists "Islamofilth" - and nobody bats an eyelid. Smiling


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Is this show actually broadcast on New Zealand television? If it is, that is awesome. No one could call Obama an "evil bastard" on American television and get away with it. There would be a national outrage and that person would be condemned as a racist. The Left controls the rules of the media game here in the U.S.. Even Fox answers to the Left's egalitarian rules. The Left won't let you insult their chosen one in any meaningful way as Donald Trump is finding out. Calling him an "evil bastard" would be unthinkable here.

Just hearing Linz use that expression brought joy to my heart. I love the audacity.

Great TV Linz...

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There is a chemistry between yourself and Don Brash which is a delight to watch.

Good theme too.

Philip ...

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Thank you. Glad you enjoyed those lines in particular. I find it hard to give voice adequately to my loathing for Key and the National Socialists and the odious appeasement they epitomise, but "smegmatic slime" came close. Glad it wasn't wasted.

Outstanding television.

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Outstanding television. Enjoyed every minute of it. Worth tuning in just to hear "capitulating to the smegmatic slime that pervades National..." and "...President Obama a "socialist" and an "evil bastard." Congratulations.

Shame then that Perigo! doesn't get the response it deserves here on SOLO.

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