Why Crap on Countdown?

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Submitted by PhilipD on Sat, 2011-05-21 06:48

Countdown Supermarkets have decided to stop their funding of the ‘Breakfast in Schools’ programme. Countdown’s money- and they’ve given plenty- has delivered thousands of free breakfasts to kids in decile-one primary schools up and down the country.

So, ‘thanks Countdown’ would be well in order then, wouldn’t it?

Not for the likes of Donna Wynd from the ‘Child Poverty Action Group.’

"I just think this is awful. I'm stunned about what it says about our society that MasterChef is more valuable than feeding children in decile 1 schools ..." whined Wynd to the New Zealand Herald.

Wynd, just one of the many bleating, ungrateful and ignorant New Zealanders who like nothing better than telling others how to spend their money, seems oblivious to the fact that Countdown’s sponsorship of the MasterChef television programme is a marketing initiative that draws customers into its stores. You know Donna, paying customers- the ones it needs to turn a profit before it can even begin to think about giving money away.

And dregs like Donna would do well to realize that putting the boot into Countdown will decrease the pool of companies willing to consider the funding of a free breakfast programme. Why shell out hundreds-of-thousands of dollars just to get a verbal smack-in-the face, in return?

Hey, nice work Wynd. Could it be that those kids don’t get their free tucker in the future because of you?


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Good post.

Keep 'em coming.

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