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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Sat, 2011-05-28 07:09

Dear SOLOists,

Those of you who've followed my Stratos TV programme Perigo! will have absorbed that it wasn't on in its regular slot last Thursday, and that we somewhat abruptly announced the Mad Butcher interview as being the last of the first series. The reason is that I have signed on with the Don Brash-led Act Party, as Press Secretary to its parliamentary leader John Boscawen, until the election. This will keep me off the streets and TV screens till November.

Perigo! followers will also have noted the empathy between Don Brash and me, even though I'm a 1000% libertarian and he's about a 65% one. In our present crisis, 65% will do me. Quite simply, I believe his becoming Act leader has brought a glimmer of hope to New Zealand's economic and political landscape, which otherwise was unfailingly bleak. I believe that, in these parlous, debt-ridden, Political Correctness-infested circumstances, everyone—including members of Libertarianz—concerned about stopping the rot and initiating a meaningful restart toward freedom and prosperity, should get in behind—on a suck-it-and-see basis, letting Don know that if he doesn't really try to deliver, or becomes captive to those notorious forces within Act alien to freedom and prosperity, then we'll all be out of there before you can say "Epsom." I say this as someone who has fought the conservatives and compulsionists within Act tooth and nail since its inception and delivered Libz, as leader, its highest party vote (by a factor of 600%) since its inception.

This is the time for all good men to come to the aid of the party. The Act Party. If I'm wrong, I'll be the first to admit it. But my esteem for Don is such that I believe significant good will come from it all. He's decent (one of the few in politics of whom that can be said), highly intelligent (ditto), and possessed of a sound grasp of free market economics (double-ditto). He knows that the best way to help a starving man is not to keep giving him fish but to teach him how to fish. He shares my passion for overhauling the education system and retrieving it from the child-molesters of the mind. And he's unusually consistent across the board. He voted for voluntary euthanasia and legalised prostitution.

Don is the chief reason I have done what I thought I'd never do: sign up with Act. As I say (please note, aforementioned pedophiles of pedagogy, not "like I say"), it's provisional, conditional and until November only. After that, who knows?

In the meantime, Perigo! is out there on YouTube, with every likelihood of its coming back. The irrepressible Lady Slapper and I had such fun (for the most part) putting it there. Personally, as I've said, I could die happy right now knowing I'd done the Atlas special.

Please, everyone, help make that one go viral.

KASS on!



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This is a gift to ACT - I only hope Brash continues to prove his worth. You've certainly given me food for thought as to who I vote for, come November.

Congatulations but with reservations.

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Although I am pleased the Brash is once again entering the New Zealand political scene (he's one of the few politicans of integrity) I am worried that you may be put in the position of compromising you values Lindsay. Anyone who believes that taxes are an accpetable method of fundraising for the governments opperation fundamentally disagrees with the individuals right to life and all its corollaries. Brash does accept this, so I sincerely hope that he does not put you in a position where you must make a compromise, because as we both know when we compromise we accept something of little or no value as an exchange for something of greater value to us. Please don't write a blank cheque against your personal integrity. Also Libertarians draw strength from the fact that we are extremists. Will your defection to Act enhance Act at the expense of the Libertarianz? If it does then your actions may in the long run do more harm than good to the political climate of New Zealand and the Libertarianz pro-life, pro0freedom agenda.

Congratulations. I'm pretty

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Congratulations. I'm pretty conflicted between Libertarianz and ACT now, though no matter what way I vote, it's great knowing you and Brash are ACT. Some hope, at last, and at a time when it's really needed.

Good stuff.

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Best of luck. Looks to me as if you'll have your work cut out putting some mongrel into Brash and teaching him to watch his back. He'll need to rule ACT with an iron fist to keep those bastards in line long enough to win an election and do the country some good.

I just got back from 3 weeks in NZ and it really needs some help.


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This is good news for you, and very good news for ACT.


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what has Brash done?!

Seriously, congratulations. Brash has made an excellent call and your reasoning makes perfect sense.

NZ has drifted into a deadzone as successive governments have governed as if they were parents of a nation of teenagers, where the mood of the teenagers run the house. Facing up to the real issues is avoided, and a thousand non-essentials suck away the nation's vitality in an endless juggle & jungle of pandering to sensitive & capricious feelings. It's costly, unseemly and has no future. No one really likes it.

Brash, as an adult with a thinking liberal outlook, could effect a sea-change. This is an opportunity. It remains to be seen what kind of response there will be but it will be a litmus test of where NZers are at and where they want to go. This opportunity only comes round so often, so I'm supporting Brash. I'm not sure what to make of the rest of ACT at this stage, but for now it's Brash's baby and I wish him (and his slaves like you) every success. Am sure you'll have a ball. Will miss Perigo!

Congratulations Linz!

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I wish you every success!

I hope you don't get too much shit from the Libz!

Indeed, desperate times call for desperate measures - the west is currently staring into an abyss.

If or when the US declares itself bankrupt, it will be time to baton down the hatches and get our economies in order.

I will be looking forward to your ACT party press releases.

Exciting times!

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I'm also very excited about Brash becoming leader of Act. I think he is the most influential catalyst New Zealand has for moving the government toward a more pro-free economics. I wish you lot all the best this election and I will be voting for a Don Brash lead Act.

Congratulations Lindsay on gaining the position.

Shandra and I will miss the Perigo show. We'll look forward to more after November Smiling

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