Labour Party No Substitute for Economic Nous

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Stephen Berry

Labour Party No Substitute for Economic Nous

“Labour’s Jacinda Adern is either economically illiterate or willing to deliberately mislead the public in order to gain the vote of the hundreds of thousands of New Zealanders stuck in entitlement mode,” says Stephen Berry who is standing as an Independent candidate in Tamaki this general election.

The candidate is responding to comments by Adern that the Government should be focusing on job creation rather than using “punitive measures” against beneficiaries.

“Spending on social welfare, excluding New Zealand Superannuation, stands at $12 billion. This represents 7.5% of our entire economy being spent on welfare. Nearly eight percent is taken from the productive and given to those who produce nothing. “

Mr. Berry is convinced that should Labour be elected to Government this election, it would be an economic disaster for New Zealand. “This is a party of economic dunces! The use of simple mathematics would demonstrate that if the $12 billion burden of state welfare were lifted from the taxpayer, entrepreneurial individuals would have more money to invest, more money to expand and more money to hire more employees.”

“Labour’s plan to create more jobs is to increase Government spending, expand the inefficient public service, continue to fund welfare dependency and then smash businesses with increased labour costs through an increase in the minimum wage. The stupefying lack of logic leads me to believe they are being deliberately dishonest to attract the lazy vote.”

“Governments do not create jobs. Free markets create jobs!”


Stephen Berry
Independent candidate, Tamaki

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