Whippersnapper Weaklings

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Submitted by PhilipD on Sat, 2011-06-04 04:08

Congratulations, you have yourself a generation of weaklings.

A University of Essex study shows that the arm strength of ten-year-old kids has fallen by 26 per cent over the last decade. And these sluggish squirts manage 27 per cent fewer sit-ups than their predecessors. Ten per cent of the current crop of wimpy whippersnappers can’t hold their own body weight while hanging from wall bars, and another 10 per cent of these torpid tadpoles refused to even attempt the test.

It wasn’t so long ago that pre-teens became little powerhouses by climbing trees and ropes. But the politically correct bollocks brigade - who can be found whining in their thousands within schools, government and any number of busy-body organisations - put the kibosh on such vigorous activities because of ‘health and safety’ concerns. So now the little monkeys who once developed strength and confidence by playing on the monkey bars - and learnt life-lessons when they fell from them - no longer even bother to climb at all.

Of course the PC bollocks brigade relied, if not on your approval, then at least your apathy, to succeed. So to the rest of you who sat back blankly and let it all happen: are you happy now?

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...I think this study is bollocks. It mainly comes down to genes and not lack of training.

Just note the different types who go in for boxing, wrestling, weight-lifting etc...any fall in numbers there?

Not really.

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