What a Bunch of Squirmers

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Submitted by PhilipD on Sun, 2011-07-17 03:37

Wouldn’t vote ACT in a fit.

I would have thought that their ‘Fed Up with Pandering to Maori Radicals?’ advertisement would have sparked some sort of reasoned debate, though.

But, nope. Most New Zealanders seem ‘uncomfortable’ with the ad, in a sad, cowardly sort of way. Likely they are happy to hide behind the ‘let’s not discuss such a matter’ nonsense that the NZ Herald spins:

‘These are times of high hopes that could easily be dashed on November 26. But right now, Act's sentiments sound like a fading call from the past. Radicalism at both ends of the spectrum has had its day. Responsibility and goodwill are ruling now.’

Like, ‘Peace and love,’ man.

Likewise, many numbskull ACT voters and potential voters reckon that the party shouldn't talk about Maori at all:

‘I won’t be voting for ACT after this. There’s too many economic issues that a man like Don Brash should be focussing on instead of this. ‘

‘What it means is that ACT have given up arguing about things like the CGT, or any of the rest of the nonsense that the Left want to dump on the country.’

‘This ad is fucking stupid, and that’s coming from someone who would probably vote act.’

Yeah? Why is it that you think ACT should have a policy for, and debate only economic issues? Because many of these dumb-arses are uncomfortable too, in a sad, cowardly sort of way, to talk publicly about Maori radicalism, that’s why. Better to shut up than -gulp- be labelled a racist isn’t it? They'll continue to wonder why most Kiwis only see ACT as acting for big business, though.

Which leaves, still, the real racists- the ones who fight for, and win special privileges for Maori- in the boxseat.

‘This is racist. I am finding Don Brash more and more offensive. He is stuck in some 1950′s time warp and he sinks lower in the polls.’

‘Racist.’ ‘Offensive.’ Never mind the issue, these words are guaranteed to shut most New Zealanders up.

Debate closed.

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That's pretty kinky

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the electoral sex analogy.


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...has risen recently. But so has National. That's only because Labour under Phil Goff is a disaster.

National has spent the past three years spinning its wheels and making hay while... the sun dims.

There's no doubt that Kiwis are trapped between a rock and hard place. The excesses of Labour 1999-2008 are still keenly felt and John Key's limp-wristed, steady-as-she-goes approach seems to be the only acceptable alternative. ACT's survival is a function of that.

The equation is: you vote National, you get loose pussy -- you vote ACT, you get a slightly tighter pussy with a tasty ball rub. The polls show that National will get back with an easy governing majority but that won't give us the stiff backdoor action we crave.

I voted for National in 2008 and was lambasted for it. Glenn Jameson was part of National's advertising campaign in 2008 and was summarily fisted for it. Glenn can speak for himself, but I voted tactically to get rid of the most dangerous government New Zealand has had since Norman Kirk did his worst. The National government has done nothing of note, and that's because Key lacks courage. Instead, we've floundered upon the rocks of conservatism. That is, as Rand made clear, the maintenance of the status quo.

Some kudos to National that they're going into November with their dicks in the mincer re asset sales, privatisation and other goodies, but that won't fix our $300 million per week borrowing binge. Only wholesale deregulation and a massive state asset sell-off will do it.

ACT, despite the rhetoric, still has bullshit like this as policy...

Families at Risk Policy

...a pragmatic and simpering Roger Douglas clusterfuck third-way policy as ever we've seen.

I believe ACT...

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...have improved in the polls.

The more debate they can spark over this, the more they will benefit.

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