Lord Monckton on TV3

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Fri, 2011-08-05 22:20

Lord Monckton, debunker extraordinaire of man-made global warming bullshit, is about to appear on TV3's The Nation. This, after the state broadcaster withdrew its invitations to him to appear on Q&A and Close-Up.

If you miss it this morning I believe The Nation is replayed at 8.30 tomorrow morning.

Lord Monckton...

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on The Beat Goes On link..... http://youtu.be/j4uM6kZMUOk

Good show

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The chinaman was excellent.

Stuffed shirt McGregor was fooling only himself. The models - garbage in garbage out. What a wally. A degree over 25 years. Oh my god the sky's falling in! Extreme climate events.. lying bastard.

He's no scientist he's a fucking dunce and the face of evil.

Here is the link

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Monckton starts at around 27.00

Here's one of his gems; "...rather than it being a conspiracy, I think it's more of a worldwide embarrassment, that they've gone too far, they've got it wrong but they dare not say so because they'd be made to look silly."

Go Monk!

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Time to debunk.


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Professor Glenn McGregor: "We need to take a no regrets approach. A no regrets approach is all about doing something now without carrying any concern about whether its effective in the future"

You would never spend your own money like that so how dare he presume it be appropriate to spend other people's money like that!

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