SOLO-NZ Press Release: Nanny-Tips for Good House-Keeping

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SOLO-NZ Press Release: Nanny-Tips for Good House-Keeping

Philip Duck
August 20, 2011

‘Use oven mitts to handle hot pots or dishes,’ says the Accident Compensation Corporation as it takes its turn to badger New Zealanders this week.

Yep, it’s ‘Safety Week’ in the land of the stupid, and the dummies at ACC are ramping up their efforts to advise clearly witless Kiwis on how to avoid injuries in the home. So, if you have been taking the Sunday roast out of a hot oven with your bare hands and wondering why you keep getting burnt, then this week is for you.

‘To avoid an electric shock, keep electrical cords and appliances dry and away from water or damp areas,’ the ACC website tells us.

Well, thanks, I had no idea. I’ll stop blow-drying my hair in the bath immediately, then.

‘Use a soap dish to keep soap and other items off the bath or shower floor,’ they say. A soap dish? Must be something new but they do sound convenient, don’t they?

‘Keeping a clear path in your home means everyone can move around safely.’

Hmmm, good idea! Having to climb over the bookcase and scale the dining-room table and the stereo cabinet just to get to the fridge is becoming frightfully difficult as I get older.

Oh, and ‘Close drawers and cupboard doors so that you don’t walk into them.’

Damn! I’ve been walking into cupboards for years and hadn't made that connection. Closing cupboards and drawers? This idea's time has clearly come.

And, 'Try to keep living areas clutter-free to prevent falls. Put aside a time of the day for doing this to prevent build-up of clutter,' lectures ACC.

Put aside a time of the day? Is that what New Zealand has become? A country of idiots who need, take and are taxed for such patronizing, moronic, house-keeping advice from office-bound, militant morons?

I guess it has.

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Ha ha

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Is this for state educated people?

Hey Leonid - I can agree with you there. (Enough of those Russian proverbs already. They lost!)


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I hope this gets a wide audience.

As Russians say " the

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As Russians say " the obliging moron is more dangerous than a foe." The safety week warnings should include the warning against the Nanny state.

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