Atlas Society Special Edition DVD of Atlas Shrugged Part 1

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"A white rectangle hung over the city, imparting the date to the men in the streets below. In the rusty light of this evening’s sunset, the rectangle said: September 2."
Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged

Atlas Society Special Edition DVD of Atlas Shrugged Part 1

Now available for pre-order: Atlas Shrugged Part I - The Atlas Society Edition DVD featuring exclusive Atlas Society content.

PhotobucketThe Atlas Society Special Edition DVD will include a number of unique features:

*Three beautifully produced video commentaries on scenes from the film by Atlas Society founder and CEO David Kelley.
*Exclusive footage from the Atlas Society’s April 14th premiere of the film in New York City; including remarks by David Kelley, who consulted on the film’s script, and a panel discussion by the film’s cast and crew.
*Behind-the-scenes interview with producer John Aglialoro, on the set while filming.

Sales of Atlas Shrugged have skyrocketed in recent years because the vision and plot of Ayn Rand’s novel have so many parallels with the events we see in our world today. And more and more, people understand the world today in terms of the novel’s themes: producers versus expropriators; capitalism versus statism; individualism vs. altruism. The film brings these ideas to life through the story of Dagny Taggart and Hank Rearden, struggling to do the work they most love in life against the interference of government bureaucrats and their crony capitalist accomplices.

You’ll want to savor this film again and again—and the Atlas Society Special Edition of Atlas Shrugged Part 1 is one you’ll want in your DVD collection. It will make a great gift for your friends, and for those you want to introduce to Atlas Shrugged and its ideas. Pre-order now and your DVD will be shipped so you receive it on release day - November 8th. And get ready to experience the excitement of the film all over again!

Dagny drives Toyota!

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Smiling Very good part movie (roll on pt2&3) ... bit CSI toward the end ... had to remind myself it is fantasy but a hell of an educational tool for the economic 'illiterati'.

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