Select Articles on 9/11 and Terrorism

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Select Articles on 9/11 and Terrorism

It has been a decade since the September 11, 2001 Islamist attacks on America. Atlas Society scholars have been at the forefront of the discussion of the deeper issues involved in this war on all that is good in this world. We offer the following pieces from our archive. And we ask our friends to remember and honor those who have put their lives on the line--and sometimes lost them--in defense of our freedom.

The Assault on Civilization
by David Kelley
September 13, 2001
Our enemy is not Islam. Our enemy is the nihilism of this subculture.

Position Statement on the 9/11 Attack
by The Atlas Society

9/11 and The War Against Modernity by David Kelley, May 2002 issue of Navigatormagazine. The West is a secular culture. And that is what the Islamists hate most about us.

The New Totalitarians by Brink Lindsey, December 2001. The root of the carnage lies in radical discontent with modern industrial society, a hydra-headed historical phenomenon that is well described as the Industrial Counterrevolution.

American Heroism by William R. Thomas, October 15, 2001. It is not facing death that makes a hero. Even those who hate the good can face death, and anyone who loves destruction can find it. Heroism is a positive achievement, an excellence of skill in living.

From the Silk Trade Route to the World Trade Center by Neera K. Badhwar, September 9, 2002. Those who create the riches of this world out of love for life on earth may never fully understand the hatred of those who would scorch this earth and annihilate the creators. Hence, even as we celebrate the creators, we cannot afford to forget the destroyers.

The Ideas That Promote Terrorism by David Kelley, April/May 2005 issue of The New Individualist. The Islamists, like the communist and fascist totalitarians, hate individualism. There is no room in their worldview for individual freedom of thought, or for the pursuit of individual happiness.

Cartoon Journalists by Robert James Bidinotto, Winter 2005 issues of The New Individualist. Offhand, I can think of no other major religion whose followers habitually try to silence their opponents with censorship, death threats, or death itself. Even among today’s religious, radical Muslims stand virtually alone in their unrepentant advocacy of totalitarianism.

Allah Bless America! by Edward Hudgins, May 2002 issue of Navigatormagazine American. Muslims are uniquely positioned to export to their brothers overseas a more enlightened Islam that will vanquish the hate on which terrorism is based.

The Means and Ends of Islamists by Edward Hudgins, July/August 2005 issue of The New Individualist. Islamists see themselves in a war with the rest of the world—either they must win or we will.

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