Bewitched, Bothered and Bemused ...

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Sun, 2011-10-02 09:27

... am I.

Bewitched, along with most females (and more males than would care to admit it), by the RWC Adonises adorning our screens nightly.

Bothered, along with all All Black supporters, by the loss of Adonises Richie and Dan.

Bemused that the same media who, almost without exception, performed one of their depressingly familiar headless-chook routines when the estimable Dr Brash proffered his most excellent musings on the dope laws recently, are too dim to be alert to the possibility of a real dope story that may well be staring them in the face. I suppose I'm forgetting that headless necessarily means braindead.

I hasten to add that I don't believe the substances to which I allude should be banned by law (I do believe that private sports bodies have the right to develop and enforce their own codes on such matters). I am just wondering why no one has had the investigative nous even to wonder whether the well-known susceptibility of steroid-taking athletes to tendon-tears and bone fractures might be relevant to the All Blacks' injury woes. Many of these guys have bodybuilder-like physiques. Is it implausible that they're taking bodybuilder-like supplements? Wouldn't you imagine someone would at least be asking?

Actually, I imagine the possibility has occurred to one or two (one sports luminary to whom I voiced my suspicions said flat-out, "You got it!"), but they're too afraid of asking questions for fear of a headless-chook routine that would make the anti-Brash one seem coherent by comparison. There would absolutely have to be an epic scandal that would destroy the competition, rather than a calm, rational recognition of the fact that pharmaceutical performance-enhancers are everywhere ... and that they have downsides.

If these downsides were the things removing our most statuesque heroes from the action, I for one would at least like to know the cause of my botheration. Especially if the next one to be incapacitated with a suddenly-torn Adductor Longus were to be the godlike Sonny Bill (gasp!).

Then again, maybe it would be none of my business. Maybe it would be nobody's business except the athletes'.

No doubt that's one of the things that would be discussed in the rational debate that will never happen.