I saw this on the side of a bus today...

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Submitted by Marcus on Tue, 2011-10-18 20:23

It turns out to be sponsored by a Christian Charity who are trying to get the author of the God Delusion, Richards Dawkins, to debate William Lane Craig on his Reasonable Faith Tour, in Oxford, on the topic of Is God a Delusion?.

Of course Dawkins has not accepted and will "probably" not turn up.

Ha, ha...very funny...for such a lame bunch of religious fanatics.

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Not funny...

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...nor original.

Nice sort of Lacan reply

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to a Randian sound bite. And funny.

Lost on me too

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God is dead said Nietzsche. He didn't say there was no god. No, he said God is dead, issuing god a challenge to appear if he wasn't. Baudrillard thinking, not mine. I'm not that brilliant.

B again: But his ghost will be around for a long time to come.

I've checked my...

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"Check your premises," you state.
Well I've just done so thanks Marcus. In fact I double checked when I reviewed the CCTV recording of my premises. Fortunately my faith in my security system, AND in the guy who installed it AND in the company I brought it from, AND the so on and so on vindicated my faith that all was well was reasonable and sound. If it was not for you Marcus I may have delayed your suggestion I check my premises.

Burnsy, you comic!

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(I've just caught this thread)

Yes that is fair...

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"Check your premises," as Ayn Rand would say.


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Is it fair to say then Marcus that "faith" is not a concept that should be adhered to in order to be considered a true Objectivist. Thanks

Of course...

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...it's based on that campaign. That's the whole joke.

The original slogan uses "probably" because they are trying show that it is not the product of dogmatic faith, but reason.

Only faith based religion would assert that there "is" a god.

The original campaign was quite obviously directed at the undecided. So stop worrying!

"There's probably no God so Stop Worrying"

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I bet you the bus sign you posted is a reaction to the "There's probably no God so Stop Worrying" campaign promoted by atheists. I wonder if those atheist campaigners grasped the actual reality however of the fact that many Christains AND non-Christians are in fact "NOT worried" about the prospect of God. It leaves me wondering just what audience were these athiest trying to convince with their own faith based opinion (albeit made conditional with the word "probably). Afterall if there is a God then why worry in the 1st place? The campaign by atheists is lost on me.

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