Dimwit Summit in Auckland

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Great work Greg!

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Be it a disgusting sight of collectivists demanding rights and making claims that individuals must be slaves of the state.

Perhaps a nice representation of government sponsored education.

Hi Mark

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Yes, I saw tribeless lurking there. Smiling

I know it's a column that she tailors for the masses, but the propagation of this sort of trope is far from good.

I can't have read her article

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I can't have read her article closely enough, as I thought she was mainly writing on the hypocrisy of the protestors. I put up the following comment to her opinion piece:

My favourite saying over last week has been, 'crony capitalism is to capitalism what sea horses are to horses.'

You're right, the protestors are spoiled brats who've not got a clue. It's offensive how they, and every party in parliament, sanction outright theft and the abrogation of property rights so casually.

Mind you, as clueless as our lot are, the French (this is RWC finals weekend) take the cake: they're protesting for more government services at the same time as they're protesting against higher taxes.

I'll have to go back and have another read.

DC in the HOS

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“Where I do agree with them, though, is that capitalism and the free market is failing. Too right it is. That's one of the reasons the world's economies, particularly Europe and the United States, are in doggy doo.”

She then goes on to describe centrally planned loose monetary policy – not calitalism.

Then; “But instead of governments allowing companies to go belly up, they bailed out some of them with taxpayers' money. That is not free-market capitalism. That is cronyism.”

It’s not cronyism, it’s statism, which she appears to support. Her opening sentence here is premised on government involvement in economics. “[I]nstead of governments allowing..” means Deborah holds the view that government has a legitimate role in economics.

She wanders back towards the track; “The only good that government can do is ensure tough legislation is there to prosecute those who make false or misleading statements when persuading people to invest; hold them accountable through the courts.”

But again, many such failures of investment companies are caused by regulatory distortions. The government has a fucking cheek to call a business’s prospectus “misleading,” when the real effect of regulation is malinvestment. And that shouldn’t take the form of regulatory bodies, or serious fraud offices.

“The campers in Aotea Square should occupy Cuba. They might find capitalism and free markets aren't so bad after all.”

The final self-contradictory flourish. But - they “might”? They will.

Perhaps she banged this one out in between pouring cocktails for her prosecutor friends. It certainly feels rushed.

Yes, sad

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In today's Herald on Sunday. Read it and weep.


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"Where I do agree with them, though, is that capitalism and the free market is failing."

She really said that? Appalling.


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Richard for that (in)significant insight re Nek minnit.

When I get home I'm going to add a criticism of our fair weather friend Deborah Coddington for her statement "Where I do agree with them, though, is that capitalism and the free market is failing."

With friends like her...

I saw the 'Occupy Wellington'

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I saw the 'Occupy Wellington' protesters in town today, near the city hall. Unfortunately no photos (although one sign said "Capitalism makes us Standard and Poors" - the protesters looked starving!) although it looked more like a simple hippie outing rather than a genuine protest movement.

"ectodermal dysplasia"...

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"ectodermal dysplasia"... dare I ask?

I suffer from haemophilia..(indeed, a month ago I was in hospital with bleeding into my right lung).. and I turned out okay ha ha!

Richard - surely you must accept that fellow does not exactly comprise a 'brain trust' Sticking out tongue

Levi Hawken

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due to his appalling dental work, general ugliness and braindead-ism this fellow is actually ummmmmmm - a moron.


My genetic disorder ... is called ectodermal dysplasia ...

I think ... it's important to be as strong as you can be and be as good as you can be ...

You only feel ugly in the eyes of the unfortunate and cruel.

'It was an illuminating, in

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'It was an illuminating, in good faith debate, nek minnit that trolling-for-Jesus wanker, Goode, entered...'

Richard, I do not mean to be

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Richard, I do not mean to be nitpicky or judgemental ...(well, actually I do Sticking out tongue ha ha!!)..but ummmmmm... do you realise this fellow is a moron?

I know that were this chap and I to meet various egalitarian, marxist types would proclaim it a meeting of "equals" - we are all equal 'comrade'... *blink* ...("riiiiiiiiiiiiiight" - in the words of Dr Evil) ...but due to his appalling dental work, general ugliness and braindead-ism this fellow is actually ummmmmmm - a moron.

I further do not mean to be nitpicky but I am inclined to think his parentage is of the "Charlene" and "Trevor" variety...

The reason nobody bothers investing in NZ anymore is because it would involve having to employ people such as this chap ha ha!

Nek Minnit

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Nekminit is one of those words that went viral due to dumbass skater culture.

Dumb-ass or not, do not dismiss the Nek Minnit phenomenon. Try tuning in to the underlying humour instead.

The Aussies were in the World Cup, nek minnit ...

I was just trying to say moderate chronologically so some bugger couldn't have a go at me three or four times before they showed one of my posts with the defending argument, nek minnit ...

I signed on with the Don Brash-led Act Party as Press Secretary to its parliamentary leader John Boscawen, nek minnit ...

You get the general idea.

Oh right; perhaps if some of

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Oh right; perhaps if some of these layabouts had learnt to talk properly they would be able to obtain employment from businessmen.

But yes it is all rather silly; no wonder nobody with even half a brain bothers investing in New Zealand anymore.


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I'm able to translate. "Police get butt hurt. Next minute fence." Nekminit is one of those words that went viral due to dumbass skater culture.

It makes me proud to be in

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It makes me proud to be in the 1% - although in a perfect world it would be more like 0.3% but alas you have to let some new chums join the club when they earn a quid, I suppose.

What an ignorant, stomach churning, rabble; I have not seen such a lot of marxist, collectivist rubbish in ages - not since I watched a clip from the National party conference on the TV news; I wonder what language that last photograph sign is in - 'police get butt hurt nekminm fence'.

Was hilarious to read in the Sunday Star-Times this morning an article saying the Occupy movement is very popular because 'Democrats support them' ha ha!

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