Review: "INJUSTICE: Exposing the Racial Agenda of The Obama Justice Department"

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Submitted by atlascott on Thu, 2011-11-03 19:24

J. Christian Adams, the author of "INJUSTICE: Exposing the Racial Agenda of The Obama Justice Department", is a veteran of the Justice Department. He worked under George Bush and observed the changes in operations, philosophy and "marching orders" in the DOJ.

Eric Holder, Obama's Attorney General, killed the prosecution of the Philadelphia New Black Panther who stood outside a polling place brandishing a club, and shouted racially motivated and threatening words to non-black voters.

Here are some of the highlights of the Obama Justice Department:

Overt stumping for Obama in the office, including hanging campaign sings in the office. (Violations of rules which had always been enforced, but were not enforced in the new Obama/Holder DOJ).

Meetings where it was established that laws which protect voters' rights would only be enforced to protect non-white voters' rights, and would not be enforced to protect white voters' rights. (The laws are written racially-neutral, and it is equally wrong for any voter to be intimidated).

Meetings where it was made clear that laws protecting against voting fraud (protecting against false or multiple registration and deleting the deceased off of the voter rolls) were not the sections of the law which the Holder regime was interested in enforcing, but rather, that the Department should be more concerned with "getting out the vote."

The hiring of lawyers with no experience in litigation based upon their experience as "community organizers" whose inexperience or lack of respect for the Court has resulted in hundreds of thousands in Court sanctions, which are paid by taxpayers needlessly.

The book reveals how the Department of Justice, charged with upholding the law of the land, has become a lawless organization whose highest members are ideologically committed to racism and the concept of "racial payback." Chilling.

The book is well written and explains the concepts and purpose of the rules which the Obama/Holder Justice Department routinely ignore. It is worth a read.

In light of the scrutiny that the Holder Justice Department is currently under due to "Operation Fast and Furious", Mr. Adams' book is a must read of those seeking more insight into what the highest law enforcement department in the land has devolved into under the supervision of President Obama.