NZ Politics: Free Men Voting for Labour, Is Like Sheep Voting for Abattoirs.

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Submitted by Mark Hubbard on Fri, 2011-11-04 02:55

This is NBR paid content, so buy a subscription, it's the only real source of New Zealand business information - I'm sure after that advertising for them, they won't mind a little quotation:

Labour is promising a massive tax crackdown to pay for its election promises.

The country’s main opposition party today released its fiscal policy, which includes costings for its promises along with expected tax revenue from other changes.

The party says it will get an extra $300 million a year out of as yet unspecified tax avoidance measures. The only pointer to the direction Labour is heading came form finance spokesman David Cunliffe, who said the changes would involve some sort of “look through” regime for family trusts.

Freedom in New Zealand is diminishing: worse, it's become such a dirty word, that even those parties who supposedly believe in limited government haven't used it in their electioneering. This election is happening in the same year as the last one, that year is 1984. These politicians who resort to the violence of State so readily are beyond contempt. If election promises are founded on the use of force against the citizens, then the government is putting itself deliberately in the role of the enemy of every individual Kiwi who is using their initiative and striving and working to get ahead, and whose right it is to pursue their happiness without bureaucrats snooping on them and trampling over their property rights. Does Cunliffe have any idea on the administrative inconvenience and expense of an IRD audit to businesses that are already struggling? The stress given the powers that department has? Does he have any idea how complex our income tax law has become, to the point of being almost un-compliable despite the best of intentions to get it right? I doubt it. As I saw on a blog comment board some time ago, using the word Sheeple to describe New Zealanders is unfair on sheep: what sheep would vote for the expansion and increased productivity of abattoirs?

Will the West have its Spring before the fatted lamb of the economy, and with it, our freedom, is slaughtered in the Abattoir of Legislation at the bloodied hands of our thieving politicians?

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Got to go over to the dark

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Got to go over to the dark side Gregster.

Rick, agreed: the US tax code is getting vicious and has spread its wings. Mind you all the western IR's now have huge powers, including of information sharing with each other. The NZ IRD are routinely tracking the overseas accounts and activities of Kiwis. The IR's are, effectively, the new secret styled police forces. We all live behind the IRon Drape now, it's just taking a while to sink in. The politicians broke our economies and will give IR's whatever they ask for.

Our freedom, classical liberalism, has been sold down the river by power lusting charlatans in government.

I've never seen Twitter

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and I can tell that the Herald would struggle to fill its pages if it weren't around.

Freedom from the State

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Trying being U.S. property/citizen;

Expatriation Tax: (30% tax on unrealized gains on gains over $600 thousand USD)

The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (This one is new and is going to be a killer)

Even accidental americans are in trouble (One of your parents is U.S. property/citizen).

You can't beat a catchy

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You can't beat a catchy phrase, this one's getting retweeted a lot since I changed to this heading. See, Linz, Twitter does have a use Smiling

But for the record, voting for Labour is like sheep voting for abattoirs is not my original thought; it's an adaptation of a comment I read in a blog somewhere, some time ago. Wish I could remember where (may have been some brave soul on Red Alert, pre my one year ban from Totalitarian Trev.)

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