Berry Takes Axe to Government Deficit

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Submitted by Stephen Berry on Fri, 2011-11-04 04:23

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Stephen Berry

Berry Takes Axe to Government Deficit

“It is simply a joke to watch Labour and National using cheesy slogans to try and differentiate themselves from each other when both support continued overseas borrowing, excessive government spending and maintaining the size of our bloated government,” says Tamaki Independent candidate Stephen Berry.

“The Labour and National parties both lack rely on notoriously optimistic Treasury figures to justify maintaining their unsustainable levels of spending while claiming we will be back to surplus in three years. By the time three years is up, whoever is in power, the Government will have another excuse for failing to rein in the deficit and voters will allow themselves to be duped again.”

Stephen Berry has a completely different approach to tackling the deficit; based on a practical reassessment of the role of Government. “The role of Government is not to redistribute wealth, fund corporate handouts or tell individuals what colour they can paint their house. The only legitimate role of Government is the protection of individual liberty. Right now, the state operates far beyond its proper boundaries.”

The Tamaki candidate says that he can shrink the deficit faster than National or Labour while cutting taxes at the same time. “It is simple; I will take a huge axe to the functions of Government. While slashing taxes I will also slash spending, slash state assets and slash the functions of the state.”

Stephen Berry has identified plenty of areas for savings, including the abolition of the following Ministries, Commissions, Agencies and other wastes of money:

• Ministry of Consumer Affairs
• Ministry of Culture & Heritage
• Ministry of the Environment
• Ministry of Economic Development
• Ministry of Maori Development
• Ministry of Pacific Island Affairs
• Ministry of Science & Technology
• Ministry of Women’s Affairs
• Ministry of Youth Development
• New Zealand Film Commission
• Commerce Commission
• Human Rights Commission
• Families Commission
• Tertiary Education Commission
• Retirement Commission
• Privacy Commission
• Children’s Commission
• Productivity Commission
• NZ on Air
• Broadcasting Standards Authority
• Creative New Zealand
• Department of Labour
• Gambling Commission
• Housing New Zealand
• Maori Language Commission

And much, much more...


Bravo Mr Berry!!

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Can I suggest one more to include in this list of rubbish?

New Zealand Agency for International Development

What he gets is that we do NOT have two parties

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but mirror images of one another. As Baudrillard says about the Twin Towers, two monolithic buildings, facing each other, with no facade and an image of an IBM punch card. They broke the pattern of the historical movement of capitalism visualized through the architecture of New York city. What would Rand have said?

Oh how I wish..

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Imagine if every representative had just half of Stephen's sense. The world would want to move here. A Galt's Gulch of the Pacific.

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