Interesting Stephen Franks Blog: Finally Someone (Else) Questioning Democracy

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Submitted by Mark Hubbard on Sat, 2011-11-05 22:55

The blog is here:

Particularly interesting is this paragraph:

The campaign is reviving my fears that after 150 years of wide suffrage, democracy is showing signs of having run its course in some of the countries that cradled it. It may remain the best system we can contemplate, but it is a demanding system of government. In countries with people too feckless (bought off by patronage or other state bread and circuses or welfare) or too divided (by race, religion, class or otherwise) or too corrupt or too lazy to sustain a critical public (media) consensus on minimum politician quality it may not reverse decline. I worry that it might be becoming just too hard for 'professionally managed' election processes to throw up governments capable of leading citizens into the increasingly hard decisions facing the West.

I'm sure Stephen understands there is an answer, a Libertarian minarchy.

My fear comes from watching an interview with a Greek businessman on BBC Saturday morning who said what his country, and Europe, needed, were strong leaders. Unfortunately the big lurch backward to totalitarianism, which our social(alist) democracies are so close to anyway, is a far more likely prospect, the darkness of the 20th century played out again, than a revolution toward individual liberty and the only pursuit of happiness that matters. With our history as proof, why are too many humans this stupid? Why?

(That was rhetorical: if you want an answer, just watch the next Leader Debate).

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