Solo Thrust-The Cover That Changed History(moderately safe for work)

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Submitted by Jody Gomez on Fri, 2006-04-21 03:20

So what do you think fellas(and gals)? First time they've ever put a group on the cover. I like it, and besides, who could choose?

The 2006 SI Swimsuit Cover

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That list doesn't worry me,

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That list doesn't worry me, Dan. I *am* the list. I own it. It's my bitch. Bring it on!

Femme Fatale screen shots

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NSFW = Not Safe for Work

(But most certainly on-topic)

The most comprehensive website of its kind, as we can all be thankful for. I move that SOLO follow HPO's lead and have these matters specifically declared an On-Topic subject for SOLO discussion. Motion seconded. Hearing no objections, the motion passes! Woohoo!

Ms. Romijn

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Seen her in Femme Fatale? She's got a hot, ahem, scene in that one.

People to Kill

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You're already on Jen's "People to Kill" list, I don't think you need any more trouble. Laughing out loud

And for the record, Ms Romijn has my vote for superhottie of the cover. Can't wait for X-men 3 to come out!

--Dan Edge

And there's no better person

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And there's no better person to lead the charge than a cuddly cook Eye

Rock on, sister.

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Marnee, I am in full agreement with almost all of your post, with the exception that I think most supermodels are too thin. I want to see some curves, dammit! Smiling Give me Selma Hayek over that any day. Happily, this cover sports a variety of looks, shapes and sizes, and I love that. (I'd rather see colored bikini bottoms, but never mind.)

Healthy sexuality and sensuality -- would that we could quickly repair the damage wrought by feminism. It's going to take decades.

-- "The discovery of a new dish does more for human happiness than the discovery of a new star." Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin, The Physiology of Taste

Jody is RIGHT -- Feminism is lame

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I want my swimsuit models gorgeous and my CEOs brilliant.

I LOVE SUPERMODELS. They are the super heroes of physical beauty. They also tend to exude self-confidence and power. What these women represent is not trivial. (My favorite is Heidi Klum.)

Feminism tries to deny that there is beauty in women or that there is a certain level of perfection that can and should be admired.

Barnyard animals will go after anything old thing that is available, for the most part. It is not a cognitive thing. Whereas this photo demonstrates a very high (cognitive) level of admiration for women -- admiration of beauty and self-confidence. These women are not average. And the photo (and SI) portrays that. There is respect for that fact as well as a respect for feminine beauty (and a healthy & playful respect for sexuality).

Every woman has her own special beauty to be admired. But that is no reason to ignore its near perfection when it comes along.

Lithe is fine

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But they should have their hands by their sides!

Mmm, nice cover but the

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Mmm, nice cover but the girls are a tad lithe for me Smiling

Mark, don't be silly. That cover shot is an *endorsement* of feminine power!

That whole scene contains

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That whole scene contains the suggestion that it could lead to something hot. (Even put JARS to shame. Eye )

Mark, I think they are

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I think they are perfect bodies and I admire them. I hate the PC attitude that it is okay to admire a woman for her brains, humor, personality, etc...but looks!!, heaven forbid, well that's just being an asshole. Everyone objectifies. Everyone discriminates. Whether it's personality, intelligence, looks, humor...doesn't matter. Why is it that when I admire a woman for her looks, I'm doing her a disservice?

What do I think?

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I don’t know, I just look at that picture and all it represents as far as how women allow themselves to be sexual objects, and how little things have changed over the years. After all the efforts the feminist of the 70’s tried to make in this culture we are still just barnyard animals. What do your think when you see all those perfect bodies?

Mark, What is feminism?, and

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What is feminism?, and how does it relate to this?

Yes, feminism has come a long way?

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Nothing else to add.

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