Altruism: the Basis of Nazism

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Submitted by Sandi on Sat, 2011-11-19 21:04

Oh how my heart bleeds for this family of 6 kids (5 boys and 1 girl), who rely upon others to buy their Xmas presents for them. Their mother says that "gifts from the Salvation army take the pressure off her having to buy for her 6 children. And last year they got everything they wanted"

Obviously food, clothing, medical care, education and shelter, pale into comparrison of gifts. Last year they got some sports equipment, but apparantly these were stolen from their back-yard. Such a pity these things were never valued and put away. But hey why value stuff? In fact, losing stuff will be of great benefit for this family because it will be a justifiable foundation for demand.

What can you do to help this family and others like it? Keep your money in your wallet.

Altruism: the Basis of Nazism

Full story published in the Manukau Courier and mirrored on NZ Stuff.

Go read Nietzsche on altruism

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That's where Nazism and Rand got it. Ingenious. Your example is true but there is much more to say if altruism is analyzed genealogically.

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