NZ: A One Year Anniversary No Free Society Would Have Put Up With.

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Submitted by Mark Hubbard on Wed, 2011-11-23 20:08

Nothing attracted vitriol to my old blog Life Behind the IRon Drape more than the pieces I wrote on Mark Hotchin and Allan Hubbard (no relation). I may soon put them up again here, over December. For the coming one year anniversary I'm writing of is the freeze that was put on Mark Hotchin's assets over December, 2010. I have no idea whether Hotchin will be found wanting in respect of the laws of New Zealand, but he has now had his life frozen by the State for a year and not only has never been given the chance to defend himself in court, he's still not had a single charge laid against him.

To me, this denotes a State with far more power than I'm comfortable with, and no justice for the individual of Mark Hotchin, no matter what you think of him. The champagne thieving bureaucrats at the SFO need to charge Hotchin, or not, and give him his day in court (and unlike Mr Hubbard, don't make him have to sue to use his own money to defend himself). This isn't Putin's Russia, is it? It's New Zealand. Perhaps the difference is far less than we would all like to think.

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Just out today - Hotchin's

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Just out today - Hotchin's asset freeze to continue beyond the first year anniversary:


Former Hanover Finance boss Mark Hotchin's assets will stay frozen after a High Court ruling today went against the latest attempt to obtain their release.

Hotchin has been fighting for the last year to overturn an asset preservation order freezing valuable property held on his behalf through various trusts, including a mansion on Auckland's Paritai Drive and a beach house on Waiheke Island.

The order was sought by the Financial Markets Authority ...

Again, it doesn't matter what you think of Hotchin. In terms of this issue, it doesn't even matter if Hotchin is ultimately found guilty of criminal behaviour. A bureaucracy that moves this slow is no part of a just, justice system: New Zealand is looking more like Putin's Russia, than a free country.

How about what they are still doing to Martin Armstrong

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A brilliant financial analyst. Been in jail for a long time after having done nothing but be so good it scared the beejeezus out of the govt. Long time in solitary. I followed him in the early 80's and he was spot on about gold and silver and currencies. Just amazing. And what they did to Michael Milkin for his "junk bonds" for wireless. How do they keep getting away with this crap and Armstrong was wealthy enough to have had the best lawyers to protect him but it did him no good.

Everyone's memory is so short that something that happened 30 years ago is ancient, but for me so recent. Time is a bitch.

SFO appears to by totally

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SFO appears to by totally dysfunctional:

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