Martin Armstrong is Out and Telling the Truth

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Copyright Martin Armstrong All Rights Reserved November 30th, 2011

Coordinated Central Bank Intervention

It is clear that the Sovereign Debt Crisis in Europe is becoming really serious in order to warrant
such a public show of trying to flood the system with money. All our political sources in
Germany have confirmed that if it is a choice between the failure of the Euro and inflation,
there will be no question that the latter will prevail. Today’s actions confirm that information.
Even the Central Bank of Canada will reduce the cost of emergency borrowing of U.S. dollars.
The People's Bank of China also announced that it would cut reserve requirements for banks.
This is a global effort to reduce the cost of money and inflate the world economy out of crisis
that is devaluating money causing even tangible assets to rise (including shares). Again, instead
of Europe reforming the ECB to function like the Fed with an elastic money supply, once again
they have to drag the entire world into the operation. While some see this as a positive
development that was designed to address the inability of the ECB interbank funding pressures
to accommodate European banks, still this is by no means solving the Sovereign Debt Crisis that
is becoming a global issue. The greatest danger here is still the failure to directly address the
Sovereign Debt Crisis. This can easily be seen as a failure of the entire system. Once again, there
is no substance and this is a dangerous coordinated multi-nation move that only confirms the
deepening crisis faced by the global economy as a whole.

And heres google on his 11 year imprisonment

Yes. I think it will be a new world order

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god, what will i look like?

Germnay and the Euro

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Probably the most likely short-term outlook is for Germany to leave the euro. That coordinated intervention was actually a piffle.

If Germany leaves the euro the euro will greatly weaken. It may trigger a wave of European defaults. Any of the PIIGS leaving the euro would probably strengthen the currency.

All such suppositions cannot be rationally traded, just gambled with.

One way or another all debt denominated in a major trading currency will be defaulted on over the next decade. We are slowly entering the greatest depression ever.


Wake up as Armstrong is telling you the truth

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We are now facing a fun up of inflation of global proportions. Gold is a hedge and so is real estate, or what is left of it after so many lost theirs in the derivative crash. the players have bought up as much as possible at bargain prices and are positioned for the new surge in inflation. If you haven't been to the grocery store since the big O Oreo Cookie came to the WH then you won't know anything about this.

I really hadn't seen this coming as clearly as Armstrong has. He was correct in the 80's predicting that gold would bottom out while everyone was buying it as a hedge at high prices. He made huge profits for those who followed him. And in the currency markets. This guy is the real deal and the fed and the govt is afraid of him. Why else hold someone in prison for 11 years for nada.

Don't let the trees keep you

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from seeing the forest.

He has been calling the financial markets correctly since the

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80's when I first heard of him and started following him. Then I took a vacation while I did other things, and the next thing I knew about him was that they had him imprisoned. It took 11 years for friends to get him out. He never misses when he calls it and he is always out of the mainstream with political posturing. He is always global in scope too. And he analyzes cyclically. Yes I think the entire thing is going down and unraveling fast. The politicians are actually dumbfounded.

The focus on solo of election strategies and runners is absurd. It is all just Deterrence so we won't notice or be aware of what is really going on. Jeezus it's truly awful. They will destroy everything.


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While he seems to know lots about lots, I'm not a fan of his using "their" as a gender-neutral singular replacement for "his or her." As in bottom of page 2. Perhaps I'm old-school, and things have gone pomo without me, or rudely incorrect.

He sure knows some economics but could work on economy.

It seems that no one here

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knows are cares about Armstrong himself or his work. A pity.

Armstrong is always spot on

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I have followed him since the early 80s and now that he is out of jail I will check on him to know the way the global market is going. this man is so good that he's terrifiying.

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