Woman holds Vagina Open for Close-Up on TV2 at 8:45pm

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Submitted by Sandi on Fri, 2011-12-02 20:59

Yet it is reported that the movie "Human Centipede 2" will be censored in NZ. Would it be a surprise if the NZ government followed the same path as its big brother in Australia? No. Because the NZ government owns TV2 and private media is in direct conflict with it's own interests (and I would add agenda). The government indoctrinates through its media with one hand and claims the right to shut down any media competition with the other. Rand called this a "coercive monopoly" because it can set its prices and production policies independent of the market, with immunity from competition and from the law of supply & demand."

The government looks after its own interests and regulates private enterprise from looking after theirs. In other words, dirty play as you'd expect from a bunch of cheating thieves.

The film's distributor says "he wouldn't bother submitting it to New Zealand censors to review", which makes him a condescending prick and not because the Australian government has banned the movie but because Australia is the most heavily censored country in the entire western world. But "fair suck of the sav" John Key and the National Party are working their arses off in order to whip and muster NZ in the same direction.

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Symbollically speaking, Marcus

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Wouldn't the human centipede be the ultimate collectivist wet dream?

Individuals being forced to march to the same tune in the name of the "common good"

You didn't have to be even more cryptic..

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You could have just said yes, your point was hypocrisy. Sheesh!

The issue is not as simple as you make it out to be, though. The Government does not directly censor these things, but helps to draw up the guidance.

I don't approve of censorship, but the "human centipede 2" is a pretty damn nasty piece of work from what I can gather.

I notice the handle for the Close Up Show is: "No one gets you closer."

Poor Linz!

Olivia (wink)

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Linz may flee and wouldn't we all, except for Sainsbury who would be apologising with a face like the son of Windsor Davies who had (intimate sexual relations) with an angry Hippo.

State Business Owner and State Regulator

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Marcus, it is a bit like this: The rugby world cup and in every home game the All Black captain is not only playing in the game, he is also referee as well.

Shit Sandi...

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When I first read your title - the first thing I thought was Mark Sainsbury must've liked that! Unlike poor old Linz. I knew that would frighten him. He's bound to need counselling now.

I still don't understand...

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...the connection between the film and the vagina.

TV2 is state owned and they are showing minge at 8:45pm.

However the state wants to censor minge in a private movie, which consequently won't be released?

Is that it?

The movie has been censored in Australia

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The article in the NZ Herald indicates that "feelers" have been put out regarding probable censorship in NZ.

I have no idea what the television program was called, it was a doco thing about women and vagina's and to be honest, I turned it off and read a book instead.

My argument is that censorship should never be an issue, however because the government owns media and has the power to regulate competitive media at the same time, this is a direct conflict of interest and just reeks of double standards. Imagine the government going after blood of any private enterprise being in the same postition of being able to regulate their competition.

I remember attending Lindsay's book launch of Philip Nitschke's book back in 2008 - The Peaceful Pill Handbook, which was initially banned and the many people I spoke to were thoroughly disgusted with such actions.

As Ron Paul has said of America. ''how many people who have never harmed anyone in their lives except for themselves are currently in prison"?

Sandi are you saying...

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...that they showed a clip of a vagina on TV from the film human centipede 2, the one which they intended to censor?

Are you complaining that they wanted to censor it or that they showed the vagina on TV?

That's a brave move.

Actually when I think about it they did show a "documentary" in the UK with a lot of spread-eagled Vaginas because women were learning to love their bodies.

In reality they were just trying to find a way to get more minge on the telly.

Needless to say it was not very erotic.


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except sex. they are removing it; making it irrelevant. Producing the orgasm instead of surrendering to it. I don't want to see this, but they are putting it there for shock value.

Yes it was because

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I felt exactly the same way when I saw it! Watching the telly is a very rare event for me and after settling down to what I consider to be early evening viewing whilst flicking through the channels, to be suddenly confronted with a middle aged woman (spreading?) absolutely floored me! I was completely mortified.

Communitarian values that are forced upon people turn sexual intimacy into public popcorn.

I also note in the book, "The Naked Communist" which outlines in its list of communist goals, that the presentation of promiscuity and degeneration is being "normal, natural and healthy"


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What a terrible headline, Sandi! I ran screaming to the bathroom. I'm sure I shall have nightmares tonight.

Well it doesn't sound like the

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kind of film I would want to protect either. Gratuitous sex is boring. Do you have NC-17 ratings? Sounds like the filmmaker just wanted some notoriety.

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