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The Organisation to stop Earnings Clipping and Redistribution by central planners (OECR) has reported that the gap between Freedom Loving Individuals and Statists has widened even further. There are now ten times more Statists than Freedom Loving Individuals than there were when Labour brought in Working for Families. It is estimated that in welfare affected areas of New Zealand fifteen Statists are being born for each Freedom Loving Individual which is striking at the heart of democracy itself.

The landmark OECR report, published yesterday, warns that the growing gap could lead to social resentment, political instability and a revolutionary backlash against central planning. "Stealing the earnings and effort of producers will inevitably impact economic performance," it says.

It calls for ‘three pillars’ of actions to close the gap – privatising education and teacher training to finally touch Gramsci to boot camp, removing the State from the economy to free up the job market, and to move toward a voluntary taxation system, rather than one existing on brute force and theft, in order to move to the fair, free, and compassionate society.

“There is nothing inevitable about this continual move toward a totalitarianism of the majority," said OECR secretary-general.

"This study dispels the assumption that continual offish State interventions into free markets will not impugn economic growth: it will; it has."

The secretary-general has written to Messrs Key, Dunne, and Johnny The Intervener Banksie, and asked them to step down and let an alliance of Freedom Lovers take their lives back from the State.

In other news the Organisation of Economic Co-ercion and Demanding (OECD) has issued its own report critical of the growing gap between the enterprising rich and the nouvelle poor being born of the welfare state.

Surprisingly, the report finds that globalisation - increased international trade and investment - was not a major driver of inequality. Instead, the two biggest drivers of rising inequality across the OECD were technological change and deregulation of labour and product markets, which all tended to push up the incomes of skilled people and push down incomes for the unskilled.

The commissar-general has recommended that technological change be banned in favour of pre-industrial technologies and illnesses, and that both an Equalisation of Opportunity Bill and Anti-Dog-Eat-Dog Bill be forced through the legislature as the last acts before computers are phased out and the Internet switched off.

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