Lindsay Perigo : In Conversation with Noel Cheer

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Submitted by gregster on Wed, 2011-12-07 06:40

Now that I am able to post videos longer than 15 minutes to YouTube, I have put Lindsay's interview there in full, in improved quality.

Thanks Greg...

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...that's much better.


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Here’s how it was done:
From my DVD player I played the DVD audio to my amplifier and out the headphone line via a 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable into the iMac. Recorded it on the computer using the freely available Audacity. I amplified it with Audacity by about 4db.

I exported this as a high quality aiff file to the desktop. I added this to iTunes.

It started in iMovie so back there I then muted the audio on the video clip and brought in the aiff sound file from iTunes.

Nice that Apple has integrated these programmes for such ease of use.

The trick this time was to export the film from iMovie as a Quicktime movie. In doing that I adjusted some settings to higher quality. This landed on my desktop. I logged into YouTube and uploaded this file.

It took a long time to do its thing because of the audio/video quality and length of clip.


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Much better... Must learn how to do that Smiling

Sound fixed

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I came home four hours later it was still being sent to YouTube. Upped the quality.


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I'll put it through Audacity and amplify it. Then re-upload it.

Could you do better than Noel Ross?

Cheer up!

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Noel Cheer is a poor man's Lloyd Geering. Enough said.

Ugh, brain freeze, my head hurts.

Noel Cheer...

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...strikes me as a strange person to be interviewing people.

Is there something to his background I don't know? Is he famous in NZ in his own right?

Luckily I've seen this before, and maybe posted it on SOLO(?), because the volume is too low for me to hear it properly on my laptop.

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