Innovators: "Get the hell out of Brussels"

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Submitted by gregster on Wed, 2011-12-21 10:16

Super CEO Michael O'Leary of Ryanair sticks it to the busybody eurocrats in strident fashion at the recent Innovators talkfest.

A man who has his act together.


His advice to innovators: "Get the hell out of Brussels as quickly as you can or else any streak of innovation or intelligence will be beaten out of you.."

I like O'Leary...

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...but I don't fly on his airline.

It doesn't service a route that I need to fly.

Although I have flown easyjet, a British cost cutting airline, I prefer not to.

I prefer to use a major airline like British Airways, which flys from Heathrow, which is closer to me and cheaper.

One good thing about the low cost airlines though, and I include Virgin in this, is somehow they have managed to shut out the unions.

Unless it is from the airport staff (which they mostly don't use), they never get any union disruption.

Bumping. Well worth watching,

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Bumping. Well worth watching, especially the first half.

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