If all the boring, single track God Botherers on SOLO weren't scary enough ...

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Submitted by Mark Hubbard on Tue, 2011-12-27 23:01

... this is something truly terrifying: http://www.guardian.co.uk/comm...

It's not just the premise of the essay that is so awful, it's the comments that follow it. We are screwed. Completely.

Of course the link is from Kim Jong Hickey's site, pushing as ever the Big Brother State anti-capitalist BS. My comment to that thread sums my thoughts up well enough:

Capitalism is moral, it is the only system that is moral. It is crony capitalism in the mixed, ergo, planned, economy that isn't moral because it abrogates individual property rights, and meddles the coercive fist of State between the voluntary transactions of consenting adults.

Looking at the appalling comments on the linked Guardian article, with countless honourifics given to Marx, and not one defence for capitalism, it is no wonder to me that the West is gone as a classical liberal hope. My overwhelming reaction to that piece is sadness, then fear.

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North Korea is going to move closer to China

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China is the big economic player. That means capitalism folks. china is a big capitalist player. The controls aree different from ours, but they are just different controls in a mixed economy.

And without building regulations, you should check out construction over there. You won't want to stay in many of their places. Give me the old hostels any day.

Exactly Marcus

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That is the Dominating Discourse at The Guardian. What else can anyone expect? This is why hubbard's post is made of ready-made throw-away words and thoughts. I am commenting so I can say something more about the Dominating Discourse.

Now what is the Dominating Discourse around here? Obviously I am violating it. I could care less.

NO! Foucault never said what you said he said

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If you are going to quote Foucault then quote properly.

Foucault NEVER got involved in polemics. I should take his advice here. All he ever did was give us a method, - just a method - that he elaborated from Nietzsche, the method of genealogy.

Genealogy eliminates all the buzz and spinning and namecalling, the argumentation, the discussing pro and con. ALL OF IT!

All that shit is just being stuck in a Dominating Discourse. Meaningless.

You want to complain about all this God stuff here? Then go to Nietzsche's Genealogy of Morals. Read it or shut up. Rand had it memorized.

The Guardian...

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...is a pro-Labour party paper.

It attracts a spectrum on left from neo-Marxists to champagne socialists.


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Beer is Beer.

Now that's what I call an axiom!

Happy New Year to you.

Just remember, don't drink and click! Eye

B is for Beer, Richard. Beer

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B is for Beer, Richard.

Beer is Beer.


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I know that A is A.

What about B?

I can answer both

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I can answer both Seymourblogger's Why you think Foucault is not on your side is something I just don't get and Callum's What were Foucault's personal political views? by the same answer.

I know that A is A.

Foucault thought that A is Anything, depending on the deconstructors (feminist, Marxist, etc - note the theme), and on the deconstructees (capitalist, males, etc - note the theme).

In A is A lies reality.

In A is Anything lies a subjective insanity, and the death of language.


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"Foucault says, "As long as there is power, there is always resistance." Resistance is a moral response to power. Why you think Foucault is not on your side is something I just don't get.

What were Foucault's personal political views?

Mark, capitalism isn't moral nor is it immoral

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It is locked in a functional relation with power/knowledge/capital. Take it to the end, to the abyss in your thinking.

Foucault says, "As long as there is power, there is always resistance." Resistance is a moral response to power. Why you think Foucault is not on your side is something I just don't get.

Read Nietzsche's Genealogy of Morals before you throw the word moral around. That error in thinking is exactly how we got Mr. Hope and Change.

It's an error in thinking. Dig up that weed.

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