Damien Grant from Granny Herald Opens with a Stunner

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Submitted by Mark Hubbard on Sat, 2011-12-31 20:32

I've not read Mr Grant before, but will be keeping an eye open for him from now on. He's written a stunner for the first day of the new year. I hope he is starting as he means to go on.

It's time to stop port rort


If you want evidence that privately owned firms are better run than those held captive by the state, you need look no further than the Ports of Auckland.

Last month, its CEO, Tony Gibson, wrote an embarrassing article in which he admitted that his primary competitor, the Port of Tauranga, was more efficient, more profitable and that despite paying unskilled dock workers $91,000 a year, he was unable to make them do more than 26 hours of work.

Can you imagine the CEO of Westpac writing in the New Zealand Herald that his staff were less productive than those of BNZ, that they were paid too much and he could not get some of them to put in 40 hours?

Gibson needs to look no further than the example set by Alan Joyce, the CEO of Qantas. When his unions threw a wobbly, he grounded the fleet. Joyce showed courage, stared down the union, took some short-term heat but saved his airline.


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Another good piece on the deficit by our resident ...

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... muddled minded Statist, who can by some mystical process feign channeling classical liberalism with so much seeming authenticity Eye

But Damien, have you been reading the comments to your thread? I think they can be summed up pretty well by John Northcott (who at least posts under his own name):

No mention in this opinion piece of the tax cuts for the wealthy, who don't need them. These cuts could be scrapped but, of course, this won't happen because the wealthy generally vote National.

Or 'Countryman' from the Hokianga:

And again, why was the top rate of income tax reduced? why is Capital Gains Tax (which nearly every other developed country has) not introduced? Because we have a government devoted to keeping the rich in the style to which they are accustomed.

THAT is what we cannot afford: just look at the advertisements for super-luxury imported cars.

Perhaps your next piece should be on how you've just clicked as to why the Free West is destroyed by the mystics of mind and muscle? See if you can work the word 'barf' into it.

I'm currently re-reading the end of Atlas Shrugged, but it's hard to tell anymore between that and reading the MSM. Frightening.

He still is

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I'm pleased you liked my work.

Port of Auckland has lost a

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Port of Auckland has lost a further big client: Fonterra.


How do unions help keep jobs for their members again? I'm wondering if the union leader is nicknamed Frisco.

What's with this?

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hapless Jafas

Otherwise fine. Good one Damien.

Here's one from Mark Steyn. Hat tip to Scotty De Salvo on Fuckedbook.

"Barely had the 9/11 observances ended than America's gilded if somewhat long-in-the-tooth youth took to the streets of Lower Manhattan to launch "Occupy Wall Street." The young certainly should be mad about something: After all, it's their future that got looted to bribe the present. As things stand, they'll end their days in an impoverished, violent, disease-ridden swamp of dysfunction that would be all but unrecognizable to Americans of the mid-20th century – and, if that's not reason to take to the streets, what is? Alas, our somnolent youth are also laboring under the misapprehension that advanced Western societies still have somebody to stick it to. The total combined wealth of the Forbes 400 richest Americans is $1.5 trillion. So, if you confiscated the lot, it would barely cover one Obama debt-ceiling increase. Nevertheless, America's student princes' main demand was that someone else should pick up the six-figure tab for their leisurely half-decade varsity of Social Justice studies. Lest sticking it to the Man by demanding the Man write them a large check sound insufficiently idealistic, they also wanted a trillion dollars for "ecological restoration." Hey, why not? What difference is another lousy trill gonna make?"

You're right ..

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... he was: http://www.solopassion.com/use...

Oh, he was the liquidator guy. I think he got a bit miffed because his line became give Banks a chance, he might pan out alright ... Damien? He's certainly back on form in this article.

Wasn't he ...

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... posting here recently?

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