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Submitted by gregster on Tue, 2012-01-03 21:49

Houston police in action.



Seen at Billy Beck.

Yes they are

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but what else is new. They are beating up people at OWS too.

Important Video, Gregster

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Everywhere in the world today the police are vermin. I've talked to a ton of cops in my time, under a wide variety of circumstances -- and I know. Their principle job is to enforce the semi-tyrannical Welfare State -- not uphold freedom and justice. These hateful traitors to mankind are not defenders of life, liberty, property, and privacy. But under Natural Law -- the inescapable, undeniable law of infinite and equal freedom for all -- protecting the Rights of Man is precisely their job. It vastly supercedes all necessarily-imperfect human law. So the police today are almost all criminals. Almost all monsters. Evil

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