Signs of a Doomed Civilisation - Express Sign in Walmart

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Submitted by Mark Hubbard on Wed, 2012-01-04 20:46

Got to love the results of state education.

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gregster China is an empire in a stage of growth

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It is a globally capitalistic empire with no human rights to curb it. It is a very scary thing to contemplate.


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When my sister was two I would sometimes ask her how old she was, and she would proudly hold up two fingers and say: "Dis many!" Glad to see some of those Walmart shoppers are almost as smart as my kid sis! Eye


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...dumbing down is complete?

Then again, it must just be a joke because a person who doesn't know what fifteen is can't count either.

I would assume that it is "really" just a reminder for people to abide by the rules.

"China is now in a growth phase."

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"China is now in a growth phase."

If growth means banks, almost all being state-controlled, issuing fiat currency, fuelling malinvestment. Then yes. In your terms, growth like a tomato plant without a stake.

mark Toynbee said it all in 10 volumes

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but it is also condensed into 2 and Toynbee approved. We are following "disintegration" as all other empires before us. China is now in a growth phase. Toynbee investigates all hisotrical possibilities leading to "disintegration" and eliminates them one by one with each civilization he dissects. What is left is the "integrity" of a people, of the citizens of the empire.

Of course all the other signs are here, now too.

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