Introducing the Ayn Rand Institute Campus: Site Launching on January 10!

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Introducing the Ayn Rand Institute Campus: Site Launching on January 10!

We at ARI are proud to announce a major new online educational initiative: The Ayn Rand Institute Campus. On January 10, 2012, we will beta launch an innovative and interactive learning environment where Internet users can study Ayn Rand's provocative ideas in unprecedented ways, using a system of learning tools that can be found nowhere else.

ARI Campus will allow students around the world to take courses at their own pace and on their own time—for free. Students at all levels can explore the educational materials that lie at their fingertips within and around each course—from the multimedia experience of a course including audio, video, and supplementary visual and textual content to the “More to Explore” section that offers reading and viewing suggestions for students who want to deepen their knowledge on a particular topic.

Courses have interactive modules that often include quizzes and user interactions. ARI Campus will also offer a site discussion board designed to help students discuss, integrate and digest the information as fully as possible. We have endeavored to enrich the learning environment far beyond the experience of listening to a recorded lecture.

Our initial course offerings will include the following:
• Ayn Rand: A Writer's Life
• Ayn Rand: Radical Thinker
• The Ayn Rand Bookshelf
• Anthem
• We the Living
• The Fountainhead
• Moral Virtue
• Philosophy of Education
• Philosophy: Who Needs It

New courses will be added regularly—the first release post-launch will be an exciting and in-depth look at the novel Atlas Shrugged, taught by Dr. Onkar Ghate and appearing in February.

Please join us, starting January 10, and explore and try out this brand new learning environment. The full, public launch of the site is slated for September of 2012. We hope to see you soon on ARI Campus!

--Ayn Rand Center media

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You won't like this

seymourblogger's picture

but you need to talk to a good IT person. If someone is overcharging, and I think Peikoff does, then by all means take it. Burn the CD. Get a download from someone. Force them to put all the things they will have to put in the CD to precent you from doing this to compensate for the high price. Less profit for them to protect it.

NBI charged me 5.00 for each lecture in 1960 dollars which were far less inflated than now of course. Parking across the street from the Drake Hotel was 1.00 a night. Eglin's parking I think. Tommy Eglin went to Haverford prep as I remember.

Had they overcharged I wouldn't have gone. And you could repeat for less. Peikoff just wants to make money for himself and his family. and he should. After all he gave up all that he was to succor at her feet. His entire self and life. At least Branden didn't do that forever.

Good Idea

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I think this is a good idea, certainly much better than the (non-ARI) but Orthodox Objectivist Founders College.

Students can supplement their regular education by taking on-line courses. I hope they price it reasonably. The CDs that the Ayn Rand Bookstore sells are very expensive. You can purchase the slickly produced courses by The Teaching Company for much less.

I saw recently that the ARB is converting it's courses to MP3 and you will be able to purchase them for download.


OMG now they are gonna make Rand

seymourblogger's picture

into an authoritarian professor. Sounds awful. I will go there to find out what's going on tho. I guess the expensive tuition of the yearly programs weren't producing enough students or money.

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