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Submitted by Mark Hubbard on Mon, 2012-01-09 03:35

The Komodo Kamado just arrived from Indonesia. Only need the rest of my life and incalculable bottles of wine, to learn how to cook properly on it. (Will do a constant temperature, low burn, on a single fill of charcoal, for 85 hours. I know! You're impressed, aren't you Smiling )

It weighs a lot more than me, so I have no idea how to get it from my garage to the balcony.

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By the way, I made a mistake

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By the way, I made a mistake below. Talking to Pauline, the freight was all included in the price and Komodo Kamado managed that, so I don't think that was too bad at all.

They'll have a way to go

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They'll have a way to go gregster. The Komodo Kamado (Dr Goode) is in Geraldine.

And anyway, cooking sausages and giving them away en-masse: I'd probably just get my Komodo confiscated by a Food Safety Officer.

Entrepreneurial Hubbard!

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They'll be lining up for your sausage sizzle during the next earthquake electricity outage.


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Are you sure that thing's for food?

Commode or Kamado?

Pauline dealt with the money

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Pauline dealt with the money stuff, Ross, but yes, I think freight was just over $2,000, and that was after we - well, she - handled the import herself.

Jesus, Mark...

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...the freight must have cost more than the thing itself.

Many years ago I contemplated ordering a pair of 100kg JBL L7s from Spokane, Washington. I was quoted $500 for freight on a $1,200 purchase. The vendor told me, in reply to my astonishment, that they would be on my doorstep in only two days via FedEx. He said that was the only way they shipped things. God Bless America. Eye

Supposed to be the best

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Supposed to be the best ceramic BBQ there is. This one is the only one in New Zealand as the vendor/manufacturer has never shipped here before. Also a smoker, baking and pizza oven, Linz.

Sorry Dr Goode, the ALCP consignment from Indonesia didn't make it through customs Eye

(To customs: you know I'm joking - right? Can't be too careful when the government has ears everywhere).

Are you sure ...

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... that thing's legal? Sticking out tongue

Are you sure ...

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... that thing's for food? Eye

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