New Documentary: "Ayn Rand and the Prophecy of Atlas Shrugged"

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Just caught this trailer on

Thanks for the video

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I don't know what to say so maybe I should keep quiet.

She is fighting against Nietzsche with this book, using Nietzsche and trying to kill him at the same time. Not bad, Rand. Nietzsche's despair was the Eternal Return. Nietzsche was NOT a Darwinist. He did not see progress, did not see the rising consciousness of man, did not see the human condition as improving. He saw Eternal Return and Zarathustra was despondent.

Now the young Ayn Rand just could not accept that. She had to prove her mentor wrong. She wrote the romantic novel and she unconsciously used Nietzsche in every sentence to prove him wrong. Just as Baudrillard does with Foucault. As Zizek's new book on Hegel is going to do, as he says "it is more Hegel than Hegel." Now Deleuze has taken Nietzsche's Eternal Return and turned it into Difference and Repetition and it is a joyful and wonderful philosophical book.

Rand's mistake was to go after Nietzsche within the dialectic when Nietzsche's genealogy had convinced her beyond a doubt that she had to avow atheism and never falter on that, that she had to denounce and purge altruism wherever she saw it, found it, was tempted by it, and surely the drawn out ending of the Nathaniel affair showed her wavering.

BUT she gave him the "gift" of destroying NBI, his life's work in it, and Branden did not return the "counter-gift" so he had to "suicide." This is Nietzschean elaborated by Baudrillard in Symbolic Exchange and Death.

Perhaps it could be looked at as Branden giving her the "gift" of his mind, his body, his life, his family, everything he was. Was her act of destruction then her "counter-gift"? She did not suicide as she might have if she had overlooked what he did and left him NBI? I have not come to a conclusion about this as I can see it both ways.

She was not to become Wynand, go so far, but not all the way. Roark and Galt were her heroes, and she was not going to betray them.

I wonder what someone might have to say to respond to this.

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