Reading the MSM this morning to see where Nanny's Welfare State is taking us ...

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Submitted by Mark Hubbard on Wed, 2012-01-11 19:20

Child Thugs Reign of Terror in Town:

A gang of children as young as 6 are being blamed for a spate of crimes, including vandalism and arson, which have left one elderly war veteran feeling imprisoned in his home.

The Featherston man, 86, who declined to be named for fear of reprisal, said he was afraid to go out at night on his mobility scooter because he's "too good a target".

"I live alone and I can't even go out for a beer of a night - it's too dangerous going home. They've just got control of the place," the returned serviceman said.

Police have confirmed children, some aged under 10, have been roaming Featherston, committing crimes and abusing people...

Workers' Low Standard of Education Dampens Economy:

As is the case in many Western countries, low workforce literacy and numeracy skills are a pervasive problem, with around half of New Zealand adults aged 16 to 65 years not having all the skills they need to fully contribute to performance improvements in a changing environment.

Mmm. For rational freedom lovers the issues aren't all that complex, by which I mean causes. Mind you, for silly old dumbed-down Nanny, this's all food for thought. Ah, here's the problem, and it can be found in Nanny's solution to child thugs terrorising towns:

We are taking a holistic approach, looking at the families and into such things as whether these kids are getting three meals a day, have a bed to sleep in with clean sheets."

No, you see. Missed the cause entirely which can only be found in the question, why do we have dysfunctional families to this extent? And in my experience, that word, 'holistic', has never fixed anything to which it has been applied. Analysis of this can only be individualistic, not holistic. The answer to the 'why' of these teen thugs will be found looking at the reasoning used by the individuals who brought them into the world, and what motivated these individuals. As with economics, aggregates tell us little, they just let Nanny hide behind words like holistic.

Right then, off to do something most of these kids will never do between bashing people: work.

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