A Missed Opportunity

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Submitted by Kyrel Zantonavitch on Thu, 2012-01-12 21:07

Texas Congressman Ron Paul continues to roll right along in his noble quest for the Republican nomination for president. He came close to winning the Iowa caucuses (21% vs. 25% for Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum) and two days ago he finished a strong second in the New Hampshire primary (23% vs. 39% for Mitt Romney). He currently has a lot of money, enthusiasm, national media attention, and grass-roots support -- backed by a strong, intelligent, dedicated, political organization -- for the upcoming contests in North Carolina and Florida. Ron Paul is a true fighter for freedom, who's having an actual impact on America, and who's achieving some practical, real-world success. He isn't just idly talking about liberty, or vainly, impotently debating theory.

And he's doing all this without the help of the dishearteningly malicious and weird current Objectivist Movement. Indeed, today's Objectivists are mostly, bizarrely, inexplicably hostile to Dr. Paul.

What a shame mainstream Objectivism isn't on good terms with the current libertarian movement! It seems like it would be so easy to whisper in Ron Paul's, Rand Paul's, and Gary Johnson's ear, and remind them to stick to principles and focus on the essentials. Objectivism seems so good for this. We could tell these practical men to unfailingly advocate individualism and self-interest, while systematically refuting the Great Society and New Deal as concepts. We could suggest that they continually denounce the Welfare State by name, and doggedly advocate economic laissez-faire capitalism and social/personal libertarianism also by name. We could teach them the value of strong self-defense against communist and Muslim tyrannies.

None of this would hurt their campaigns much, so far as I can gauge. Indeed, it might well give them a secret power by being so philosophically consistent. And we could also ask them to mention or praise Ayn Rand and Objectivism explicitly, from time to time. On the sidelines, at their rallies and events, we could be a positive, constructive presence as we respectfully promote Rand and her radical ideology.

The current inane and self-destructive Objectivist policy of showing continuous hatred and evil to Ron Paul reveals the considerably failed and depraved nature of today's Objectivist Movement.

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Zombieism, Ron Paul, and Solo Passion

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The only relevant phenomena which actually exists is Randroidism. "Brandroidism" and "Ronroidism" aren't real. The reality is that certain honest, brave, and high-quality individuals -- despite the malevolent ukases of the ARIan ecclesia -- have observed Nathaniel Branden and Ron Paul for what they truly are, and seen that they have value. People who see and publicly acknowledge that Branden and Paul have very real virtues -- and refuse to selflessly evade this fact, in service to their beloved religion -- are nothing like the hateful mindless drones found in ARIan circles.

As for why so many Objectivsts object to Ron Paul, I have little idea. Maybe they're displaying a kind of fake intellectual courage and independence of mind. Maybe they smugly pat themselves on the back and cluck their tongues with deep self-satisfaction after stating their (sic) views.

To be sure, Paul is very weak and contradictory politically, when compared to most semi-decent Objectivist political thinkers. But so what? He's far superior to his Republican rivals. Criticizing Paul is like shooting fish in a barrel.

The worst part of Paul's views by far seems to be his foreign policy. But it probably isn't near as bad as it seems. He can definitely sound very anti-American, anti-self-defense, and naive when you hear his sound bites. But if people were to read his 2008 book, The Revolution, pages 9-39, where he explains his foreign policy in crisp, incisive detail, I think just about everyone here would come away with a different view. I don't accept all his Founding Father-type, non-interventionist ideas, but they seem solidly reasonable and plausible in print.

But probably I also need to wade thru all the recent Ron Paul threads here on SOLO Passion. When I quickly skim thru them they seem to vastly mischaracterize Paul and his views, but perhaps there is indeed some value there. I also may need to listen more closely to Paul's sound bites to ferret out just exactly how wrong he is and in what way. I currently don't do this because he always seems to be talking to the mean, childish, ignorant, and indifferent General Public -- but not at all to me.

(For the record, I find just about all conservo-progressive debates and political speeches unbearable, and so have been skipping them for around 5 or 10 years now. I recently watched a high-quality 10-minute YouTube compilation of Ron Paul in a debate, but could only hack about 6 minutes' worth.)

But Wotan and Ra bless Solo Passion for its relative freedom of discussion, as well as its principle and public fire!

For more principle and public fire ...

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... you're in the right place here, Kyrel. SOLO was formed for more principle and public fire. But becoming a Ronroid is not part of that equation. Here was I thinking you had a principled and publicly fiery contempt for Islamogoblinism, and here you are applauding its biggest appeaser!

And "Ronroid" is exactly the right term for ... well, Ronroids. Their True Believer status is amply demonstrated on the various Ron Paul threads here. It doesn't matter what is pointed out about him, the Ronroids persist in supporting him. They must be the envy of Randroids and Brandroids, whose Rule #1 is, look away when inconvenient evidence is presented.


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The Objectivist Movement is real, significant, and growing -- but it could easily be a lot better, as outlined above.

We need less religiosity and social malevolence from one group; and more principle and public fire from another. Also more independent thought and intellectual brilliance from all! Cool

I am surprised

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you even think there is an objectivist movement. I plan to follow Niezsch3e and vote for the worst one.

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