Utopia and Paradise

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Submitted by Kyrel Zantonavitch on Sat, 2012-01-21 03:18

The utopians Plato (The Republic), Thomas Moore (Utopia), Thomas Hobbes (Leviathan), and Karl Marx (The Communist Manifesto) all lead to the Leftist tyranny of socialism. The "paradisists" Moses (Jewish bible), Jesus (Christian bible), Mohammed (Islamic bible), and Joseph Smith (Mormon bible) all lead to the Rightist tyranny of religion.

Both groups of irrational idealists hope for a kind of ultimate end place -- a perfect society or Xanadu -- which is never going to happen. Their belief-systems are deeply foolish, naive, and ignorant. And their ideologies are also depraved, since even if you could visit their unreal utopia or paradise, you wouldn't ultimately want to live there. It would be a kind of living hell, unfit for normal, healthy, striving, achieving human beings.

The utopians above cause physical slavery to the state, while the paradisians above cause mental slavery to "god." One false ideal results in a kind of vast social coercion and destruction of society. The other false ideal results in a kind of vast personal coercion and destruction of the individual.

Both mistaken hopes and dreams result in universal self-sacrifice and self-destruction. Their false and evil moral code should probably be described as "the religio-socialist ethic" (not "the Judeo-Christian ethic").

Both families and categories of belief constitute nonsensicality and philosophy gone badly wrong.

These massively untrue and immoral groups of ideologies need to be defeated thru the assiduous application of healthy, sound, proper philosophy. A philosophy which provides the hungry, needy Holy Individual with meaning, purpose, pleasure, exhilaration, and personal greatness in his life. And these two related, mistaken categories of ideology need to be defeated thru the Western liberal ideals of reason, individualism, and freedom. Reason will defeat monotheistic paradisism, freedom will defeat communist utopianism, and individualism will defeat both.

Unfortunately, so far the champions of reason and philosophy haven't fully done their job. They haven't provided a guide to a life of enough rich satisfaction and deep fulfillment to successfully defeat the utopians and paradisists.

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"On many occasions Ayn Rand

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"On many occasions Ayn Rand fawningly painted the mass man in very pleasant and pretty colors..."

Ayn Rand was talking about the pyramid of ability. Her point was that the bigger is a pyramid the greater man should stand on top of it. However such a pyramid is made from many small pyramids in the sizes which determined by the ability of man who stands on its top. Such a man doesn't have to be a giant of industry or great inventor. He could be a grocery shop owner, an artesian, or even street sweeper as long as he is rational and creative, productive and self-sufficient. By mob Ayn Rand usually meant a heard of unthinking parasites, second handers, not general public. They will be parasites even in the best of all possible Utopias.

Sincere Benevolent Dictators

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Right again, Leonid.

Virtually all intellectuals today -- including those who back the right-wing conservatives (like Mitt Romney) and the left-wing progressives (like Barack Obama) -- secretly think the mass man is genuinely ignorant, depraved, and personally corrupt. They view the man in the street as essentially a natural slave.

And they're right! It's high time the Good Guys of the world admitted this -- rather than dishonestly flattering the masses or sleazily pandering to them. The Good Guys can't win the battle of populism and demagoguery. They need to tell the truth about the nature of the Average Joe.

But even openly confessing the above, it doesn't logically follow that a tyrannical state -- and a collectivist, altruist sociology and ethics -- will result in a societal utopia. The vulgarians, slobs, and hoi polloi -- in all their intellectual and moral lowness -- still want and deserve freedom. These semi-insects live most fully, richly, and happily by making their own life-style decisions, and following their own freely-chosen philosophical and cultural leaders. Liberty and self-interest brings out the best in them.

On many occasions Ayn Rand fawningly painted the massman in very pleasant and pretty colors. This was mostly a mistake. Altho' there was some truth in the way AR described them, the 1700s and 1800s classical liberal thinkers ultimately had a better and truer view of the masses. They widely and warily looked down upon "the General Publick" and "the mob."

"And it's just more fun for

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"And it's just more fun for these political leaders to play around with people's lives -- and ruin them -- with one cockamamie, coercive, governmental scheme after another."

If they were doing this just for fan, that would be easy to defeat them. The problem is that they sincerely believe that people don't know what is good for them ( good according to their standard of value) and have to be coerced into their new brave world. Another problem is that people accept their standard of value based on altruist morality and give them a sanction of the victim. This is in nutshell the whole story of all Utopia's builders- from Plato's " Republic" to the Soviet Russia, to the H.S Truman's fair deal, to the current Obama's "paradise".

Coercive Utopias -- Never Freedom-Based Ones

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Leonid -- Good point. I haven't read The City of the Sun by Tommaso Campanella.

I always have the impression people create these totalitarian utopias because they secretly know a utopia based on non-initiation of force, or pure individual liberty, would work and really be a utopia. I think currently Mark Levin (who published the classics Liberty and Tyranny in 2009 and Ameritopia this week) privately knows libertarianism is the definitive last answer politically. I think Newt Gingrich (who won yesterday's South Carolina primary for president of the US) knows it too. I even think Jerry Brown (former and current governor of California) knew it in 1978 (after Libertarian Ed Clark received 5.5% of the vote in his run for California governor)!

If you listen to these people discuss libertarianism (to use the term they know it by) on radio and t'v' they seem to quietly, truly understand what Ayn Rand-based freedom is. But it's too new and unpopular. So out of intellectual dishonesty, moral cowardice, and personal corruption they reject it.

And it's just more fun for these political leaders to play around with people's lives -- and ruin them -- with one cockamamie, coercive, governmental scheme after another. They're wonderfully creative and inventive as they indulge their god-like power. Evil They don't want to solve the political problem once and for all (as I did here: http://www.solopassion.com/nod...).

Paradise indeed

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You forgot to mention " The City of the Sun" of Tommaso Campanella (5 September 1568 – 21 May 1639) , an Utopian theocratic society where goods, women and children are held in common. All these Utopias, ancient and modern, left and right are based on the same mystic-altruist-collectivist premises. Since mystical knowledge is supernatural, mystics cannot use reason as a tool of persuasion. The only tools they have to build their utopias are coercion, fear and the piles of bloody corpses.

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