Protest for Free Speech

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Submitted by Mike_M on Wed, 2006-04-26 22:48

Over at The Rule of Reason, the blog of The Center for the Advancement of Capitalism, Nick Provenzo proposes a protest in Washington D.C. in defense of free speech. I think this is a great idea. Go check out his post and give him some support if you like the idea.

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He's Right

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Dan is the clear holder of that title, Mike, so you are safe.

You are *not* safe, however, in owing *anything* -- not even a typo correction -- to Mr. Perigo! For god's sake, man, you must be swift, lest dire consequences await. And they ain't philosophical. Eye

-- "The discovery of a new dish does more for human happiness than the discovery of a new star." Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin, The Physiology of Taste


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I got a better idea. You could say that the misspelling was intentional, and stand by it to the death! Because you see, we should all have freedom of speech, even if what we say is wrong. We should have the freedom to propogate our ideas, even if those ideas are misspelled. I for one applaud you, Mike! Sticking out tongue

P.S. Never fear, Mike, you'll never out-misspell me. I'm the best of the worst, and you'll never come close to taking my title.

--Dan Edge

Oh Oh! I thought of

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Oh Oh! I thought of something kind of funny to say. Ok here it is:

I should have kept the bad spelling, lest Campbell accuse me of altering the historical record.

Ok it's not laugh out loud funny, but I cracked a smile when I thought of it.

And ...

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... I edited the title for you. Ha, Mazza, you owe me!! Smiling

I couldn't think of anything

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I couldn't think of anything funny to say, so I edited it.

Mike's Future Job

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Mike, I think you've just demonstrated all the critical qualifications for the job of TOC webmaster! Eye (TOC still can't spell "Objectivist" properly!)

-- Diana Hsieh


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Wait till Campbell finds out. Heh, heh, heh!

You can edit it if you like. Or I can. But it's kinda cute. Smiling

Oh man, I can't believe I

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Oh man, I can't believe I wrote that.

Come on Lindsay... You know

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Come on Lindsay... You know that us young people never learned how to spell. We grew up using spell check Smiling The problem is that we forget to use it sometimes before we post messages here.

- Jason

Will there be ..

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... a protest for free speEch as well? Smiling Smile

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