Rick Santorum Is A Totalitarian Nightmare!

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Submitted by atlascott on Sat, 2012-02-25 22:07

Oh, yes, gay marriage is SUCH a threat. And a major issue.

There's no right to privacy in the US Constitution? He is a nightmare. And a moron.

No illusions...

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Because the guy is speaking his mind. Never mind that he is all bone from the neck up and repugnant filth from the neck down.

He believes in a doctrine that dictates that he tell the truth about himself no matter what. And thank Christ for that. That's one less Hope and changeling to worry about.

Baring a Cain-style screw-up or Democrat infiltration of the primary process, I'd lay real money against him winning the nomination.

He's a Pennsylvania Bible-thumper who likes to take his Good-book with extra sulfur and wrath. By and large, Americans don't take their religion to that extreme - even here in the Bible-belt where Churches ~almost~ outnumber BBQ-shacks and gun-stores.

A few more airings of the lecture he gave a while back wherein he literally blamed Lucifer for corrupting America ought to put a stake through his candidacy.

It is a measure of how bad Obama is that I'd ever consider pulling the lever for the guy.

All in all I'd choose Paul over Santorum. My main sticking point with Paul - as I have said many times is that his foreign policy strikes me as being a better description of a worthwhile destination than a plausible route-map out of this current mess.

The crusades were about re-taking...

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...the so-called "holy lands" for Christianity.

Relative to the history of conflict and war in the middle east, it wasn't a major event.

It was only in the 19th century that the Victorians decided to give it importance to advance the notion of Christian romance and chivalry.

Now Muslim extremists have latched onto the notion that it "is" an important battle to the west, when it never really was.

The Crusades

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I'm not an expert of the subject, but fighting the advance of Islam seemed to have been a big part of it.

And the Church did try to stop some of the anti-Semetic excesses of them.


I'm glad that I'm not an

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I'm glad that I'm not an American and don't have to vote. It seems to me that the choice is not so great.

You would NOT believe...

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I swear, you would NOT BELIEVE the people who support this guy.

NOT religious wackos. SMART people who SAY they believe in the Constitution.

Virtually every word out of his mouth is an indictment.

"No God but God" in English

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"No God but God" in English means exactly the same thing as in Arabic.


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No illusions about Santorum here. See the Tracinski article."A principled enemy of freedom."

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