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Hey guys I ran across this site while sourcing an article I wrote on musical aesthetics. you can read it here:

I agree with the Objectivist concept of a sense of life, however my definition of art is slightly more general.

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So Yeah

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I checked out his post. Very rantish. I left a response. Here's the thing, Rand probably would not have been into metal. When it comes to aesthetics, I diverge from her philosophy somewhat. I have a broader definition of art, and I also diverge in tastes because I have a sense of life which is somewhat more darwinistic. Life is a struggle. She understood that, but I'm not sure she would have been able to recognize that in the sense of life portrayed in metal. I guess we'll never know; she didn't live long enough to see metal become what it is today.

I'm experiencing de ja vu.

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I'm experiencing de ja vu. Something about...Southpark...and Slayer...and...hippies...

But yeah. that's a good one! This one was always one of my favorites:

Glad to be alive

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I'm a major metal fan, myself

Me too. I feel glad to be alive after a good pounding by Slayer.

I think you'd better read this.


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Oh, certainly. I'm a major metal fan, myself (KsE, in particular). I was just using that as an example. I was just using that as an example. I really think it's a little bit of both in that instance.

Battlefield Earth

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In order to evaluate musicality as a reflection of reality and individual values, I find I must appeal to the Objectivist-aesthetical concept of a “sense of life,” which means “the basic, pre-epistemological system of values that a human being holds to.” In other words, if I find that music which evokes feelings of simple joy is what resonates most with me, and is what I find to be most valuable, then that is indicative of a certain “sense of life” – one which sees life as a simple joy. On the other hand, if I find aggressive, complex, asymmetrical music to be appealing and valuable, then that is reflective of a much more violent “sense of life;” perhaps I see the world as a battleground for some Darwinistic struggle for survival. ...

Or perhaps as a battlefield upon which a war between the spiritual forces of Good and Evil is even now being waged ...

Thanks! Glad to be here.

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Thanks! Glad to be here.


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Nice to meet you and welcome to SOLO!

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