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Submitted by Tim S on Thu, 2006-04-27 00:42

Last weekend I went to Goetterdaemmerung, Part IV of Wagner's Ring Cycle at the Royal Opera House. This was the same production group that produced Part III last year and which I wrote about on SOLOHQ.

I came out of that concert hall seriously wondering how I could ever going go back to the three minute wonders of the rest of the opera world after that. I can't get over the feeling that Wagner is for people who like their passion to last ALL NIGHT LONG. And if the crowd came out thinking they had been through a marathon session, it was because they had - 4 hours, 45 minutes of unrelentingly intense music (plus 1.5 hours of intervals).

Two spectacular, unforgettable things about this performance:

- The performance of bass singer John Tomlinson as Hagen. This guy's voice is positively cavernous, and certainly he was once again the show stealer.

- The scene in Act II where Hagen (Tomlinson) calls the local Gibichung to welcome Gunther and his bride. This is a minor scene in terms of the plot, but something about the combination of Tomlinson's booming voice, the dozens of male singers pouring onto the stage and the thumping intensity of the music made for an unforgettable musical moment.

I guess there's no going back after this.

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Wagner bug

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You see, that's the real danger of Wagner: Once you've been bitten by the Wagner bug, nothing else ever sounds quite the same again, does it. Smiling

Hoiho! Hoiho hoihe!

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