Edwin A. Locke to receive APS' Cattell Award

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Submitted by AdamReed on Thu, 2006-04-27 18:04

Claims about the supposed low productivity of scholars associated with ARI have appeared on this site - so here is some spectacular disconfirmation of that notion, from a recent announcement by the Association for Psychological Science:

Lifetime Achievement Award Winners

Each year, APS honors psychological researchers for their lifetime of
outstanding contributions to the science of psychology. Below are this
year's honorees, who will give addresses during the convention. ...

James McKeen Cattell Fellow Award

Edwin A. Locke
University of Maryland, College Park
Building a Theory of Goal Setting by Induction

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I went to U of MD at College

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I went to U of MD at College Park years ago, and had the pleasure of attending one of Prof Lockes lectures. I am glad to see this.

> Building a Theory of Goal

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> Building a Theory of Goal Setting by Induction ....

Edwin Locke's goal-setting presentation at one of the TJS's was one of the best talks among many excellent ones I heard at those summer conferences.

Personally, he seemed a very nice, friendly person, not an arrogant one. He didn't project that he was Objectivist faculty and somehow knew more in every area or existed on a higher moral or intellectual plane than us lowly students.

There was a similar award

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There was a similar award ceremony at UPitt for Allan Gotthelf last year. I think it honored his work on Aristotle. I'll post a link if I can find one. If anyone attends the Locke event please post a summary.

Re: Edwin Locke

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Thanks for posting it. Here is someone who did not have to cater to Marxists and Anarchists to have a successful academic career culminated by this lifetime award. It's too bad Dr. Locke is retired since my son will probably go to University of Maryland at College Park in the fall.

Congratulations to Dr.

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Congratulations to Dr. Locke! His book on study methods helped me quite a bit. I highly suggest it to any other students here.

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