Alcohol Is the Lightning Rod

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Sat, 2012-03-24 05:37

This in my inbox today from Sean Gabb of the UK Libertarian Alliance, reminded me that those with a drinking problem are those who don't drink, and that studies have shown that alcohol deficiency leads to totalitarian tendencies. It's extraordinary that the lessons of America's experiment with Prohibitionism, 1919-33, have not been learned—or rather, that they have, but it's more important to the wowsers to prohibit, than to avoid the evils of Prohibitionism. Identical legislation to that which Sean describes is about to come into force in NZ. It's another reminder, too, that [N}ACT is a travesty, and the true voice of Liberty In New Zealand must regroup and reassert itself:


The Libertarian Alliance, the radical free market and civil liberties institute, today condemns proposals to make it harder for poor people to buy alcohol . The proposals include higher taxes, compulsory minimum prices for drink, further controls on advertising, and power to close down retailers. The only disagreement between the three main parities is how far they wish to go.

Speaking today in London, Dr Sean Gabb, Director of the Libertarian Alliance, comments:

"These measures, if adopted, amount to an attack on the poor. The ruling class politicians who continually whine about alcohol will not be affected by minimum pricing or the abolition of special offers. I might add that none of them can be affected by such laws. Income aside, anyone who lies his way into Parliament can look forward to round the clock drinking in the Palace of Westminster of untaxed alcohol.

"But the measures will hurt poor people, for whom alcohol will become cripplingly expensive and hard to find. They have the same right to drink as the rest of us. Bearing in mind the problems willed on them by our exploitative ruling class, they often have a greater need to drink.

"The claim that drinking 'causes' public disorder is nonsense. Alcohol does not run about the streets. People do. If people are making nuisances of themselves, the police should be instructed to stop behaving like some equivalent of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and to start protecting life and property again.

"The claim that drinking makes people unhealthy is irrelevant, where not a lie. People must be regarded as responsible for their own mistakes. Anyone who bleats about increased cost to the National Health Service should consider that drinkers already pay more in taxes than the alleged cost of treating their specific illnesses.

"We oppose all controls on the availability of alcohol to adults. Better England free than England sober."

The Libertarian Alliance believes:

* That all the licensing laws should be repealed;
* That all controls on the marketing of alcohol should be repealed;
* That alcohol taxes should be reduced to the same level as the lowest in the European Union, and that there should be no increase in other taxes;
* That not a penny of the taxpayers' money should be given to any organisation arguing against the above.


I don't have the most to lose...

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...I don't drink cheap alcohol.

It is the moral principle of self-immolation that needs to be fought which I am attempting to change in my own way.

If I am successful you will hear about it.


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Why don't you ask him instead of nitpicking, and get something going in the UK instead of being UINs??!! Jesus Christ!! What was it Reagan said? Those who stood the most to lose did the least??!!

Well written...

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...but I don't get this: "...stop behaving like some equivalent of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and to start protecting life and property again."

I wonder what he means. If they behaved like Iranian Revolutionary Guard they would be ruthlessly dealing to those who drank alcohol, taking them to interrogation rooms and stringing them up by their ankles. Isn't the problem that the police act more like timid social workers?

Agree that the minimum pricing thing is stupid. Funny enough the socialists are complaining that the extra money will go towards the profits of the shops, rather than to the government. Don't they realise that alcohol is already taxed to the hilt, and guess what, people are still "binge" drinking - so how is a minimum price going to help?

The drinks industry is threatening to take the government to court over this if they pass the minimum pricing law because it breaks EU competition laws, they say.

I hope the government drops this at the consultation stage when they realise it will have no effect whatsoever except to impoverish the poor even more.

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