No one owns property in the play-pit Kim Jong Hickey lives.

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Submitted by Mark Hubbard on Mon, 2012-03-26 05:15

Kim Jong Hickey is so far out on the Left now, he has not the slightest notion of property rights, and crosses over into advocacy of theft so quickly it takes your breath away. He and his mate Jesus Morgan, exemplify how far the West has fallen since 1776.

In this piece he examines how there has been a wealth shift in New Zealand defined - quite logically when you think about it - by age. Quoting:

This week Roy Morgan published its annual State of the Nation survey showing a stunning rise in the wealth of New Zealanders aged 55 and over...


Okay, interesting point. But that's never the point of El-Redistributor. The point is he believes this raises, quote, huge questions for politicians, policy makers and voters and the nature of these 'huge questions' becomes sadly evident in his summation:

New Zealand needs to have a conversation about how to transfer this wealth back. A land tax, a capital gains tax, higher income taxes ...

As I commented on his thread:

Jesus wept.

The wealth an individual has, regardless of age, is their wealth to do with as they want: it is not the business of policy makers, politicians, voters, or economic commentators who go straight to the immorality of theft, as in the above sickening paragraph, for whatever purpose. And what the hell is the purpose? Why must we have a 'conversation' about how to 'steal' this wealth from those who earned it?

You are why the West is being destroyed Bernard. The free West was made from the blood of patriots, and is now being drowned under the tears of State sycophants such as you.

It's evident from Kim Jong's post that there wasn't even a split second of hesitation in thinking this is someone's actual property, they own it, I've got no business advocating anything to do with it.

Report economics if you want, Kim Jong, but do so without your ruddy great nose stuck in everyone's life, and your thieving hand in their wallets. Because I can guarantee there's a whole bunch of politicians having wet dreams over offensive nonsense like this.

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Gareth did

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Gareth did respond..

I disagree with his ideas but I admire that devotes such time and effort to them.

The Big Kahuna was a good book and an interesting read, espicially the history of welfare at the start. His ideas are interesting. I think they are wrong, clearly, but still interesting.

It was disappointing I think that I was the only one who choose to respond to his ideas in public.


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I'd missed that one. Rather good ... did you ever get a response from Jesus? Because you know he now thinks you must be a financially illiterate dropkick Eye


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Honestly guys, I do what I can.

"..High-income earners react to increases in tax by working less"

Herald columnists—of whom,

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Herald columnists—of whom, alas, I am not one—should be debunking this bullshit!!!

Perhaps one of them will do Smiling Hickey peddles his contradictory nonsense on Herald ... I wonder if another Heralder is allowed to point out the drooling beast Hickey has managed to turn himself into.

If X gets more, Y gets less.

Yes, the anti-capitalists have no idea what capitalism is: that's the battle for the enlightened to show them, though I think I've about given up. And it's inexcusable to find this ignorance in the financial press.

There's a great quote on Cafe Hayek today from Joyce Appleby:

There can be no capitalism, as distinguished from select capitalist practices, without a culture of capitalism, and there is no culture of capitalism until the principal forms of traditional society have been challenged and overcome. But it must be said – and is not often enough said – that the mores of a more traditional organization of society do not die out with the dominance of capitalism. Rather, they regroup to fight again with new leaders and new causes. Any history of capitalism must contain the shadow history of anticapitalism, sometimes carried out in the name of a new theory, but often as a reexpression of values that prevailed before the eighteenth century.

I guess we keep battering away ...

Well ...

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A 100% tax policy is their reductio ad absurdum. It's the old Marxist fallacy that the pie is a priori, rather like the Goblian version of morality. The pie already exists, before human beings came along to create it, and is of a certain, fixed size. Thereafter, it's just a matter of how you divide it up. If X gets more, Y gets less. This is economic illiteracy on a barbarous scale, but it's routine and uncontroversial. Herald columnists—of whom, alas, I am not one—should be debunking this bullshit!!! (This comment is aimed at Damien. Smiling )

We'd all be happy.

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We'd all be happy.

He should just advocate a

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He should just advocate a 100% tax policy, then he could dish out according to what's fair.

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