Tiger KASSes the Drooling Beast!

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Mon, 2012-03-26 07:04

It's very seldom one has reason to revel in an occasion such as this, so to revel one ought. Tiger Woods has in effect shoved one up the filth who brought him down and kicked him while he was supine. A rare triumph of genius over envious sub-mediocrity:


Marriage Isn't a Business

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Reed -- Marriage is about sharing love, sex, friendship, affection, sympathy, time, interests, etc. It isn't a business partnership. If she no longer wishes to be married to him she has a right to freely terminate the relationship. But she has no right to his money or property, nor he to hers. None. Each partner has a right only to that which they individually earned.

Incidentally -- she came out way ahead financially in her long-term relationship with Tiger, because he shared his fabulous wealth with her thruout their marriage. But it was act of generosity -- not part of their emotional bond, nor an aspect of their business partnership, to which she had a monetary right. "Community property" laws are collectivist and communist.


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If they dissolved the marriage and neither party was at fault they should split the marriage property 50/50.

Tiger broke his marriage vow - "his" property belongs to an institution he betrayed.

Legal Theft

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Over a hundred million dollars, and half his wealth, was stolen from him by his ex-wife via America's monstrous divorce laws. Based on justice, she deserved zero. So Tiger Woods experienced evil at a surreal level. It's not easy to even partially recover from that -- especially since he has no idea what hit him.


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Tiger is amazing, it is good to see his head clear and he is back in the game.

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