You Bastard Bob

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Submitted by PhilipD on Wed, 2012-03-28 10:23

Australia’s foreign minister, Bob Carr, is in Cambodia and Stuart Alan Becker of the Phnom Penh Post put some questions to him. Here’s one.

Becker:This year, Cambodia chairs ASEAN. What should Cambodia be hoping to achieve during this time in the spotlight? How does Australia view the ASEAN alliance?

Carr: ASEAN launched itself in a public way in 1976 and Australia has been there from the very start. I give no advice to Cambodia’s prime minister. He is a wise and experienced figure. He has brought peace to Cambodia and delivered economic growth. He’s seen civil rights respected, and Cambodia has a robust economy. This man is a respected statesman. I am sure he and my prime minister, Julia Gillard, will get on very well later in the year when they meet.

Hun Sen has respected civil rights and is a respected and wise statesman? To suggest such a thing is just plain evil.

Hun Sen presides over a kleptocracy. Hun Sen allows his cronies to line their pockets through forced and often violent land evictions with woefully inadequate compensation for those affected.Hun Sen presides over a country that sits 164th in the World Corruption Perception Index and is ranked 117th for Press Freedom. And he rules over a country that is categorized as ‘mostly un-free’ by the Index of Economic Freedom.

Hun Sen is a pig. For Foreign Minister Carr to suggest otherwise is a fucking disgrace and his remarks are a savage blow for those Khmer fighting for a freer Cambodia.