Mr and Mrs Hubbard are going on holiday ...

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Submitted by Mark Hubbard on Thu, 2012-03-29 21:23

... and trying to have a decent one, for once: six weeks.

Will pop back in when I can, which won't be much, as I'll be fighting socialists in all the wineries I find them in ...

Keep battling ...

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Yes, having a good time.

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Yes, having a good time. We're lucky that we can get Internet via 3G in our holiday house (many in the Sounds can't get reception). So it's a vodem stick in my laptop, or 3G on the iPad (fantastic machine) ... trouble is, on 3G you can actually see your money being eaten, so mainly use it for email (keep work ticking over on low level), but also to keep up with a bit of news, which, even on holiday, still pisses me off more than not.

post cards

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send a post card.

Post cards are a lost art. Sad really. Tactile. Brevity is rewarded.

The twitter of the last two centuries.

I'm glad ...

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... to see Mr Hubbard's crusading zeal has *not* gone on holiday! I trust a good time is being had by all? Eye

Pelorus Sound then Cook

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Pelorus Sound then Cook Strait by kayak probably isn't going to happen. Mind you, if you're in the Sounds (Mahau Sound), you've got my email Smiling

Get in a boat ...

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... and row to Kapiti Island. Thence to Peka Peka Beach. Come join me for a libation.

Or just walk acwoss the water if you want to confound Gaweth.

Cheers Olivia and Damien :)

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Leave first thing Monday morning for the Sounds. I normally half work up there on our annual holiday, but this time 'I'm over it', and aim to take a break (so will be trying to not look at my email).

be good

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but not so good you do not have fun.


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But you already live in a holiday paradise don't you? Pfft, nice for some. Eye

Wishing you and Mrs Hubbard a restful vacation and barrels of booze.

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